Jalen Ramsey’s $15,000 Payment to the NFL Is Another Reminder of the League’s Cluelessness After Failing to Fine Fred Warner

After a magical season, the Los Angeles Rams are preparing for Super Bowl 56 against the Cincinnati Bengals. LA went all-in to acquire many players, such as Odell Beckham Jr., Matthew Stafford, and Von Miller. Now, they are playing the Big Game in their stadium and have their eyes set on holding up that Lombardi Trophy. However, Rams star Jalen Ramsey was hit with a $15,000 slap on the wrist after his actions in the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers in another reminder of the NFL’s questionable decisions.

Jalen Ramsey fined $15,000 for actions in Rams’ NFC title game victory

Ramsey picked up a fine from the NFL a week before the Super Bowl was set to take place. Now, $15,000 for the Rams star is pocket change compared to the five-year, $105-million extension he signed in 2020.

However, the issue with the fine is more than money. It is just another stark reminder of the NFL needing to change things.

After Robbie Gould kicked a field goal to head into halftime, Ramsey was arguing with the official about something. Then, Ramsey and Gould got into it with one another in a heated exchange.

Oddly enough, Ramsey wasn’t penalized for either incident in the game against the 49ers but wound up with a $15,000 fine.

That doesn’t make much sense, but what makes even less sense is that the league didn’t fine Fred Warner for his late hit on Matthew Stafford.

It doesn’t make sense.

The NFL doesn’t fine 49ers LB Fred Warner after questionable late hit on Matthew Stafford

Ramsey got fined for throwing his helmet and getting into it with Gould. That’s fine. That’s justifiable. However, 49ers linebacker Fred Warner threw a dirty hit on Matthew Stafford and didn’t get penalized.

Not only did he not get a penalty, but he also didn’t even get a fine from the league.

The fact that this didn’t get a flag during the game is unbelievable. But what’s even more confusing is that the league had a chance to fix this situation with a fine at least, and they didn’t.

How? Why?

Nobody knows, but the NFL again shows its cluelessness with the distribution of these fines — or lack thereof, in this case.

The NFL needs to try and fix this situation in the offseason

Rams stae Jalen Ramsey got fined $15,000 for his actions in the NFC title game.
Jalen Ramsey of the Los Angeles Rams | Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The taunting penalties are bad enough, and Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill got fined again for flashing a peace sign — although they didn’t throw a flag in the game.

Cassius Marsh was fined for taunting earlier in the season in one of the most egregious calls of the year, and now Warned isn’t fined while Ramsey is.

The inconsistencies from the referees and the NFL has been a question mark all season long, and now more than ever, it needs fixing.

Warner’s hit warranted a penalty; there is no question. If not, it deserved a fine, yet the league decided — for some reason — not to assess one.

This is just the latest example, but the NFL has shown its confusing approach to these types of situations all year long. Tom Brady also earned an unsportsmanlike penalty against the Rams in the NFL Playoffs, although the legend quickly refused to comment on the situation.

It’s not about the money for most of these players, especially high-profile stars such as Ramsey. But that isn’t the point.

The fact of the matter is that the league needs consistency in this aspect, and this needs to be a long conversation in the offseason to fix such situations.

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