Jalen Rose Told NBA Fans Exactly How He Feels About the Breonna Taylor Verdict

Jalen Rose is never afraid to speak their mind. Recently, the ESPN analyst had something to say about the Breonna Taylor verdict. Rose, a former NBA player, has made a name for himself after his playing career.

Right before an ESPN commercial break during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Rose made this statement. “It’d also be a great day to arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor.”

Jalen Rose had a message about Black people during the pregame show

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A lot has been going on in the world outside of sports. From police shootings to racism, it seems as though there’s a lot of division in America. Professional athletes have stepped up in a big way. They have used their platform to speak out on issues and let the world know where they stand. Media members have also used their platforms as well, and Rose is just one of many people who do so. 

There has been a lot of frustration, and it’s not easy for the athletes to go out there and play with everything that’s going on. During the NBA bubble, players have used their media interviews to talk about racial injustice and other issues surrounding racism. Before Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals between the Nuggets and Lakers, Rose went on the ESPN pregame show and talked about how Black people are going through a lot right now.

“When Kyle Rittenhouse, in Milwaukee as a 17-year-old, kills two people, yet three cops aren’t directly charged with killing Breonna Taylor … it shows you how they feel about Black lives in America,” Rose said during the pregame show. Rose was talking about the teen who was accused in a shooting during a protest that occurred in Wisconsin regarding the police shooting of Jacob Blake. 

Jalen Rose has a lot of respect for the NBA Players

During the pregame show, Rose also talked about how Black people need to continue to move forward and keep the conversation going. He also gave a shout out to the NBA players. “So, we are starting a game … It’s 400 years of slavery to 0,” Rose said. “We know we not (going to) win, but you still gotta continue to move the ball forward and put people behind you in a position to be successful, and that’s what we’re here to do today.”

“That’s what the NBA players are doing today, and that’s why I applaud them because while they’re out, they’re performing with heavy hearts trying to win a championship. I understand that this is really painful, to show up to work and still try to entertain.” Rose always keeps it real when he speaks, and he knows that he can use his platform to educate and make people aware of what’s going on in the world today.

Rose wants the cops who killed Breonna Taylor in jail

When Rose made the statement about putting the cops that killed Breonna Taylor in jail before ESPN went to commercial, it quickly spread throughout social media. When the jury came out regarding Taylor’s case, no police officers were directly charged in Taylor’s murder. 

Rose, along with many other people, still believe and want those cops put in jail. When the verdict came out, many athletes were disappointed in the results, and the players from the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat had to play with heavy hearts. Don’t be surprised to hear Rose continue to say, “arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor,” going forward. What happened to Taylor will never be forgotten, and people will continue to shed light on what they believe needs to happen.