Jamal Adams Wants to Leave the Jets for His Hometown Team

The standing between star safety Jamal Adams and the New York Jets continues to progress south as the two sides remain far from a contract extension. Adams has stood firm with his stance for his desire to secure a new long-term deal with the franchise over the last few months, but things haven’t moved toward the two sides hammer out a lucrative extension to keep the Pro Bowler for years to come. That has led Adams to voice his trade demand to the Jets, which he has now singled out his hometown team as his ideal landing spot.

Jamal Adams demanding trade from Jets

It has become abundantly clear over the last few months that Jamal Adams is eyeing a long-term extension with the Jets.

Adams has quickly become one of the game’s best safeties over his first three years in the league. He’s coming off back-to-back Pro Bowl selections along with a First-Team All-Pro nod and a Second-Team All-Pro nomination. His dominance has put his contract situation front and center for the Jets as he’s set to enter the fourth year of his rookie deal that does have the $9.8 million fifth-year option picked up.

The lack of progress made toward an extension has seen Adams grow increasingly frustrated with the situation leading to him requesting a trade. The 24-year-old may have just singled out the team that he wants to join.

Jamal Adams wants to land with Cowboys

It has reached the point where Jamal Adams has expressed to the Jets that he wants to be traded from the franchise.

There was a list of seven teams that were deemed acceptable landing spots for the star safety. However, it appears that the Cowboys may have the upper hand as a fan caught up with Adams over the weekend as he was driving his Mercedes by a parking lot to which he responded to a fan that he’s trying to get traded Dallas.

It certainly looked like Adams in the video that only further clarifies that he is looking to make his way out of New York. The 24-year-old grew up near Dallas in Lewisville that made the Cowboys the closest team to where he was raised.

What should be noted is that Adams voiced during his rookie year that he was a New York Giants fan growing up. That shouldn’t change his desire to possibly play for the Cowboys, who have a team that could make a serious run through the playoffs, which he has yet to reach the postseason in his brief NFL career. Although Adams wants a trade to Dallas, it lies in the franchise’s hands to get the deal done.

Cowboys in driver’s seat to acquire Jamal Cowboys


Jamal Adams Became a Safety Because of His Dad’s Life-Altering Injury in the NFL

All the cards are on the table for the Cowboys to make a move to acquire Jamal Adams this offseason.

The desire to join the franchise is there, while the franchise needs to further solidify their secondary after the departure of Byron Jones in the offseason and the failed attempt to land Earl Thomas last offseason. Adams is entering the prime of his career and could provide a significant punch to their secondary that they haven’t had in years.

The All-Pro safety is a game-changing talent that could anchor their defense for the long haul. Although he’s eyeing an extremely lucrative extension, he has proven to be among the best defensive talents with several highly productive campaigns ahead. It’s in the Cowboys’ hands to get the job done to bring in another star player into the fold that could help them reach the Super Bowl.