Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell Show Why the Future of the NBA Is in Good Hands

Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell put on an outstanding performance during the first round of the 2020 NBA Playoffs. The series between the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets had NBA fans on the edge of their seats as the series went to seven games.

Though the Nuggets pulled out the win, Murray and Mitchell showed what fans would be seeing in years to come.

Looking at the careers of Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray

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Mitchell and Murray entered the league a year apart. Murray was drafted in 2016 and Mitchell in 2017. Ironically, both were drafted by the Nuggets, but Mitchell was traded to the Jazz on draft night. Both players played college basketball in Kentucky. Murray attended the University of Kentucky, and Mitchell played at the University of Louisville. They went on to dominate during their college careers. Mitchell played two years at Louisville, and Murray spent only one year at Kentucky.

They both had the opportunity to battle against each other in college, and they knew that they would have the opportunity to battle each other at the NBA level. Both players have become top players on their respective teams. Playing in the Western Conference is always a challenge because there are so many talented teams. Murray and Mitchell have shown early on that they have what it takes to have a successful career.

Mitchell made his first All-Star appearance in 2020, and he also has a Slam Dunk Contest title. Murray has evolved into an elite point guard during his time in Denver as his numbers have improved each season. When you think of the talented young players in the league, Mitchell and Murray’s name should be in that group without a doubt.

Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray going at each other in the playoffs

The first-round matchup between the Jazz and Nuggets was one to remember. Mitchell and Murray had breakout performances during the series. Mitchell had the game his life in Game 1 of the series scoring 57 points as the Jazz lost the first game. He would go on to have another 50 plus performance when he scored 51 points in Game 4. 

Not only did Mitchell have a great performance, his counterpart Murray had a breakout performance as well.

In the same game that Mitchell scored 51 points, Murray dropped 50 points. Murray then went on to score 42 and 50 points during the next two games. The Nuggets point guard led the team back from a 3-1 deficit to win the series. Mitchell and Murray were ready to go at each other before the playoffs began, and they gave the fans a show.

The future of the NBA looks good with players like Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray

There’s going to be a time when NBA stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant will be some of the league’s oldest players. But that won’t be a problem because the young stars like Murray and Mitchell will continue to bring excitement to the game. If Murray can continue to play at a high level, there’s a good chance he will be an All-Star at some point during his career.

These two guards will continue to become better players as their careers go on, and they have already shown the world what they can do on the court. NBA fans will not have to be worried about the NBA’s future watching Mitchell and Murray play.