Jamal Murray Sent a Stern Message To the LA Lakers

The Denver Nuggets gave the LA Lakers a run for their money. The team was previously down 3-1, then made a huge comeback. To the delight of Denver fans, they made it to the conference finals for the first time in over a decade. In a recent interview, Nuggets point guard Jamal Murray showed how much he believes in his team with a stern message to the Lakers.

Jamal Murray’s NBA career

Jamal Murray is a rising star in the world of basketball. The Canadian player has impressive stats and isn’t afraid to let you know. He’s known for being a kind, compassionate person off the court. Recently, he made headlines for a post-game interview where he told SB Nation, “In life, you find things that hold value to you, things to fight for. We found something worth fighting for.”

So, what does he bring to the game? According to Rotowire, quite a lot. In the Conference Finals, Murray averaged  26.5 points, 7.3 assists, 4.5 rebounds for his team. The player has stood out both on and off the court since the beginning. After playing a season of college basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats, he was drafted in the 2016 NBA draft by the Denver Nuggets. The 6-foot-4 guard was the seventh overall pick.

The Denver Nuggets’ historic comeback

The Denver Nuggets have made headlines lately. Murray definitely deserves some credit for helping them do so. They recently made a historic comeback. And the point guard did amazing things as they played against the Lakers in Game 7.

The Nuggets were down 11 points in the first half of the game and managed to come out victorious with a score of 104-89. How, exactly, did Murray’s performance help his team do this? Well, he scored 40 points during the game and converted on 6-of-13 three-pointers. He also had a triple-double through three quarters, an NBA first for game 7. 

Murray’s message to the Lakers


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With all that he has been doing, Murray most certainly hasn’t shied away from letting his confidence shine through, and we can’t say that we blame him! So, what was the stern message that he recently sent to the LA Lakers? While talking to a reporter, Murray made sure to mention just how he felt about his recent performance in the game.

After creating basketball history, he was giving an interview alongside his teammate Nikola Jokic. The teammates were asked how they matched up against iconic Lakers players LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Murray said, “They gotta worry about us too.”