James Harden’s Mom Cost an NBA Star $50,000 Despite Her Yelling Homophobic Slurs At Him

Like all mothers, James Harden’s mom supports her son at every game. The Brooklyn Nets superstar has a very close relationship with his mom, whose name is Monja Willis.

When Harden won the 2017-18 MVP Award as a member of the Houston Rockets, the lefty brought his mom on stage with him at the NBA Awards and called her his backbone and rock. Harden didn’t cry like Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant did when they won their MVPs and talked about their mothers, but it was evident that Harden was emotional winning the award with his mom next to him.

James Harden’s mom usually stays out of the limelight and lets her son take center stage. However, Monja Willis once stole headlines by costing an NBA star $50,000.

James Harden’s mom defended MVP during Rockets trade request

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When James Harden requested a trade from the Rockets, his mother defended him on social media after fans ripped The Beard for not showing up to training camp on time. Monja Willis has represented Harden on business matters in the past.

“He is doing what is best for his career,” Willis said. “Please pay attention and understand. He has worked hard every time he suited up for his job, giving 210 percent. He asked for a chance to get a ring, that’s it. Anyone in their right mind… would want that.”

The Rockets wound up trading Harden to the Nets after the future Hall of Famer made it clear after a game versus the LA Lakers that Houston wasn’t good enough to win a championship. Since arriving in Brooklyn, Harden has had a smile on his face and is playing at an MVP level.

Even though the end of his time in Houston was bad, James Harden’s run with the Rockets was legendary. Monja Willis also had some epic moments while her son played for the Rockets.

Monja Willis got into it with Matt Barnes

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During the 2015 playoffs, James Harden’s mom got into it with LA Clippers small forward Matt Barnes. The Rockets and Clippers faced each other in the second round of the playoffs, and things got heated between Barnes and Monja Willis.

While someone was shooting a free-throw, Willis yelled, “Take your f**got a** back to LA” to Barnes, who was defending Harden. Once Barnes heard Harden’s mom, he responded by saying, “Suck my di** bi**h.”

Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan told Barnes in the locker room that Harden’s mom was the woman he yelled the profanity at. After the game, Barnes went over to Willis by the team buses and apologized to her. The NBA bad boy lost his mom, so he never wanted to disrespect a mother.

Harden’s mom didn’t accept Barnes’ apology until the second time they spoke when the series went back to LA. The two shook hands, and Harden himself was cool with Barnes as well.

Unfortunately for Matt Barnes, the NBA found out about his actions toward James Harden’s mom and fined him a lot of money.

James Harden’s mom cost Matt Barnes $50,000

The NBA fined Matt Barnes a whopping $50,000 for swearing at James Harden’s mom.

Meanwhile, Monja Willis didn’t get punished even though she yelled a homophobic slur at Barnes.

Matt Barnes was fined a lot during his NBA career. The $50,000 fine was his biggest one.