James Harden Spills Out His True Feelings About the Revamped Lakers’ Roster

The Los Angeles Lakers wasted no time in revamping the roster after a disappointing playoff departure. The Lakers‘ busy offseason has led to significant NBA title aspirations, with many believing an NBA Finals matchup against the Brooklyn Nets lies ahead. As next season inches closer, star guard James Harden revealed his true feelings about Los Angeles’ roster.

Lakers spend offseason overhauling the roster

After falling to an early playoff exit, the Lakers spent the offseason reconfiguring the roster around LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Los Angeles began with acquiring star point guard Russell Westbrook followed by filling the supporting cast with proven veteran talent. The mixture of shooting and versatile defenders around the star talent quickly led to lofty championship expectations.

Before the Lakers venture into the upcoming season, James Harden expressed his honest sentiment about their revamped roster.

James Harden spills out his true feelings about the revamped Lakers’ roster

The Lakers‘ busy offseason has swiftly pushed the franchise into heavy NBA title consideration.

Meanwhile, Durant’s strong return from his Achilles injury, coupled with playing alongside James Harden and Kyrie Irving, has firmly pumped up Brooklyn as the early title favorites over the Milwaukee Bucks. Before the Nets and Lakers open up preseason action on Sunday, Harden aired his honest sentiment concerning the reconstructed roster in Los Angeles.

“They got to figure out the fit,” Harden said. “On paper, they look great. They got vets, guys with experience. We got the same thing. Now they got to make it work on the court.

For as much talent as the Lakers possess, the team needs to build the on-the-court chemistry to get the most out of the roster. Brooklyn went through that last year concerning building the cohesiveness between its Big 3. It’s an aspect that the team will need to strengthen, especially after injuries limited their playing time together.

Los Angeles holds a steeper challenge after adding Westbrook as his fit next to LeBron James could determine if the franchise vies for an NBA or falls short.

Harden isn’t dismissing the Lakers’ roster but simply throwing caution in the wind. In other words, talent on paper doesn’t always equate to success on the court.

Nets, Lakers sit on a crash course for 2022 NBA Finals matchup

As the 2021-22 season nears closer, the talk remains around the Lakers and Nets.

The two teams are pinned as the most likely NBA Finals matchup through their collective talent. Other franchises could derail that scenario from transpiring. Still, the overwhelming sentiment is that the franchises are on a crash course toward competing for the championship.

The Nets’ biggest potential hurdle centers on the health of the roster, as that prevented the franchise from making a deep playoff push last season. Brooklyn nearly reached the Eastern Conference finals behind Durant’s dominant play despite having Irving’s sidelined and Harden hobbled by a nagging hamstring issue.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles constructed a veteran-laden roster that is already embracing the team-first approach. The Lakers will experience some bumps along the way as the primarily new roster finds its cohesiveness, but the group remains confident it will figure it out.

“We come out and we put the time in, we put the work in,” James said during Lakers’ Media Day earlier this week via the Associated Press. “We make our own narrative. One thing that we know (is) who we are. We’ve got a bunch of guys that have been in this league quite a while that understand and know what it takes to win. The business that we’re in is winning, and doing it all the time.”

Time will tell, but the two franchises may building toward the path of a much-anticipated showdown next June.

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