James Harden’s Mother Reveals How Her Son Really Feels About the Houston Rockets

James Harden‘s standing with the Houston Rockets is on nothing short of shaky ground over the last several weeks. Harden has made it quite clear internally what his intentions are regarding his NBA future. If that didn’t ring loud enough, his mother has clarified the situation much further through her recent public comments.

James Harden continues to create drama in Houston

The Houston Rockets have stumbled into a problematic offseason that has seen the foundation of their team crumble.

Star guard James Harden has been the root of the internal issues that have led to significant changes. Following head coach Mike D’Antoni and longtime general manager Daryl Morey both departing, Harden has pushed for a trade.

The situation led to former league MVP Russell Westbrook demanding a trade after one season with the franchise. The Rockets moved him last week in a deal to the Washington Wizards in exchange for John Wall and a 2023 first-round pick. Things have only continued to falter, with Harden now holding out of training camp that has sent a stronger message concerning his desire to leave.

What makes the optics worse is that Harden was possibly spotted at a night club instead of attending team workout sessions. The 31-year-old hasn’t spoken publicly about the matter, but his mother may have finally cleared the air about his true intentions.

James Harden’s mom clears the air concerning her son’s mindset

Since reports first surfaced about James Harden’s trade demand, he has avoided making any public comments concerning the situation.

The same can’t be said of his mother, Monja Willis, who recently used her Instagram page to clarify to a Rockets fan how her son feels about the franchise.

“He is doing what is best for his career. Please pay attention and understand. He has worked hard every time he suited up for his job, giving 210 percent. He asked for a chance to get a ring, that’s it. Anyone in their right mind… would want that.”

Harden’s mother has remained a significant part of his inner circle as she handles much of his business ventures.

Much of what she says should have credence to what the former league MVP’s mindset is. Her comments only further cement that the 31-year-old wants the chance to compete for an NBA title with another organization.

Her comments’ overall sentiment speaks to Harden believing he has given his all to the franchise over the last eight seasons. These remarks fuel the notion that he feels things have run their course in Houston, and it’s time for a change of scenery for the next chapter of his career.

All that sets the course for the Rockets to firmly step in to handle the situation to find a resolution.

Will Houston wind up going that route?


James Harden and the Houston Rockets Are in a Toxic Relationship

The Houston Rockets are amid a messy situation that has seen the face of the franchise desire a trade.

The Rockets have already publicly voiced that they plan on moving forward with James Harden as their centerpiece. However, the star guard doesn’t look to be aboard with that notion as his absence speaks quite loudly to his intentions.

Houston is in a tough spot of having to navigate through the situation without their star talent. The front office may hold a firm stance, but the more it bleeds into the 2020-21 season, the harder it will be to ignore.

The Rockets haven’t held any additional trade talks with the Brooklyn Nets over the last few weeks. Ultimately, Harden has made it quite clear he wants out; it’s now on Houston to make the next move.