Jan Blachowicz Will Touch a ‘Good Luck’ Noose Before His Fight Against Israel Adesanya

UFC fighters can become better athletes in many ways. Many perfect new techniques, others try to find the right gym; some have more supernatural ideas. Polish UFC fighter Jan Blachowicz experienced a rather shocking moment involving a noose. Now, he brings the souvenir from that experience with him to fights. He likely hopes it’ll help him beat Israel Adesanya at UFC 259.

Jan Blachowicz’s eventful UFC career

As Sherdog reports, Blachowicz has been interested in martial arts since his childhood, largely due to Hollywood action movies. He took up multiple martial arts, and it didn’t take him long before he started mixing them together. In 2007, Blachowicz made his pro MMA debut, and although he lost, he quickly bounced back.

By 2014, with a record of 17-3, the UFC signed him. Blachowicz won his UFC debut by knockout. Then he went 1-4 in his next five fights. After those losses, Blachowicz turned a new leaf. Starting in late 2017, he won four fights in a row before getting knocked out by Thiago Santos. After that loss, he racked up another four wins in a row. 

Those last four wins — three by knockout — earned him the 205-pound light heavyweight belt. Now, at UFC 259, he’s set to face Adesanya, who’s undefeated in MMA.

Jan Blachowicz has a tough fight ahead of him

Jan Blachowicz grins at UFC 253 in 2020
Jan Blachowicz of Poland after defeating Dominick Reyes at UFC 253 | Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

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By the numbers, Adesanya has many advantages in this fight. Nobody has beaten Adesanya in MMA just yet, while eight people have defeated Blachowicz. On top of that, while Blachowicz is a good striker who can deliver powerful blows, Adesanya may be the best striker in the UFC. If the two men stay standing, then Adesanya will more than likely overwhelm Blachowicz with strikes.

That being said, Blachowicz has beaten good strikers before. Dominick Reyes is a great striker, and many fans thought that he could easily put Blachowicz down. However, Blachowicz was able to knock Reyes out to win the belt, so this scenario may repeat with his fight against Adesanya.

Furthermore, Blachowicz can also grapple, and he actually has more submission wins than he has KO wins. Adesanya, meanwhile, came from kickboxing, and while he’s worked on his grappling, his grappling isn’t great. As such, if Blachowicz can wrestle with Adesanya, then Blachowicz may get a win there. 

Regardless, the odds seem stacked against Blachowicz. That’s why Blachowicz may have to rely on his lucky noose to give him a supernatural edge against Adesanya.

Jan Blachowicz’s lucky noose

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MMA Fighting reports that, while walking his dog in a forest in Poland, Blachowicz stumbled upon a man who had died by suicide. When he called the police, one of the officers asked him if he had taken a piece of the noose rope. The officer explained that, in the old days, people would take a piece of the noose as a good luck charm.

MMA Fighting said Blachowicz felt uncomfortable taking a piece of the noose. Instead he chose to return to the site of the death to touch the noose before every fight. In contract, Sportskeeda reports that he did take a piece of the rope for good luck.

Regardless of the details, this ritual of touching the rope has seemed to work for him. According to MMA Fighting, Blachowicz said this ritual had “a 90% success rate.” In fact, he may even believe that the noose has supernatural powers. Blachowicz said he experienced many technical difficulties when he was showing the UFC the rope. 

In any case, Blachowicz will need all the help he can get against Adesanya. The two will fight at UFC 259.

How to get help: In the U.S., call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Or text HOME to 741-741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor at the free Crisis Text Line.