Jared Goff’s Future as the Rams’ Quarterback Is Officially on the Rocks

Carried by their defense for much of the year, The Los Angeles Rams have questions going into the offseason. The team just made the Super Bowl two years ago. What has changed so much to where LA is now barely making the playoffs? It could be the relationship between Sean McVay and Jared Goff.

McVay has been vital to Goff’s success since becoming the Rams head coach. However, the past two seasons haven’t been the best for the coach/quarterback combo. The honeymoon seems to be over in Goff and McVay’s marriage. The future of No. 16 is anything but clear.

Jared Goff is inconsistent at quarterback

In 2018, Jared Goff played out of his mind, completing roughly 65% of his passes, throwing for 4,668 yards, 32 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. His 101.1 passer rating that year is a career-high for him in a season. In 2019, he was awarded a four year, $134 million contract. Ever since he signed that extension, Goff’s play has been inconsistent and sometimes bad.

Looking at the stats, Goff has been mediocre at quarterback the last two seasons. He’s combined for 8,590 yards, 42 touchdowns, and 29 interceptions the past two seasons. Those numbers don’t look too bad; if the Rams didn’t give him that extension. Being a $134 million quarterback, these numbers are below expectations. Watching Goff play, it gets even worse.

Looking at the stats don’t tell the complete story about Jared Goff. They don’t show the severe inconsistencies in Goff’s play. In one game, he plays like he is worthy of that expensive contract. In the next, he plays like he isn’t even a starter. Turnovers play a big part in that, as Goff has 38 turnovers since 2019, second-most in the NFL. The Rams never know which version of Goff they are going to get each week, which is frustrating for a coach.

The regression in Jared Goff’s game the past two years can’t be swept under the rug by LA. They need more out of their No. 1 overall pick. With his inconsistent play, there have questions about his future in LA. Sean McVay and general manager Les Snead seem non-committal on Goff’s future.

The Rams aren’t committing to Jared Goff at quaterback

2020 wasn’t completely bad for Goff. He helped the Rams knock off the Seahawks in the wild-card game. However, the offensive ineptitude reared its ugly head against the Green Bay Packers. After having a lackluster offense, McVay is looking at all options going into the offseason and didn’t commit to Goff as the Rams signal-caller next season.  

“Everything’s being evaluated,” McVay said during his final press conference of the season, per ESPN. “I’m not ready to make any sort of statements with regards to anybody — starting position or not, we’re going to have a level of competition at everything that we do.”

McVay also said that Goff is the quarterback “right now” during his postgame press conference after the NFC divisional game. NFL Network’s Steve Wyche reported that the relationship between Goff and McVay is on the rocks.

“The people I’ve spoken to said basically at this moment the relationship with Goff and McVay: not great. They need marriage counseling is what one person said to me. I think this is something that they’re going to be able to work through, but there’s got to be some healing,” said Wyche per NFL.com.

General manager Les Snead also gave a vague response to Goff’s future with the Rams. “Jared Goff is a Ram at this moment. It’s way too early to speculate the future. That’s a beautiful mystery,” said Snead per ESPN.

The Rams are expected to have an open quarterback competition

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Some Rams fans might’ve forgotten about John Wolford. Wolford was the backup quarterback for LA and helped them get into the playoffs in Week 17. He started in place of Goff, who had a broken thumb. Wolford impressed the Rams in his first career start but was knocked out in the wild-card game with a neck stinger.

It looks like the Rams were so impressed with Wolford that they are going to give him a shot to get the starting job. According to Ian Rapoport, the Rams are expecting to have an open quarterback competition between Wolford and Goff. LA saw how Wolford’s mobility added another dimension to their offense. This quarterback battle will have the eyes of the entire NFL once it begins.

This competition might be what Goff needs. Sometimes players can get complacent, especially after they receive a big-time contract. Having the push of the backup coming for his job could end up helping Goff. Being in this quarterback battle could be a blessing in disguise for Goff and the Rams.

Jared Goff’s inconsistency as a quarterback just might cost him his starting job. The Rams are open to change at quarterback, so who knows what will happen to Goff this offseason. There’s beauty in the mystery of Goff’s future, according to Les Snead.