Jason and Travis Kelce Agree That Watching Their Brother Win a Super Bowl Is the Best

For Jason and Travis Kelce, winning Super Bowls is a family affair. One plays offensive line for the Philadelphia Eagles while the other catches passes for the Kansas City Chiefs. While they approach the game differently, Jason and Travis have one thing in common beyond family: Both athletes have won the Super Bowl.

As brothers who play the game, it’d be natural to assume some degree of competitiveness or jealousy. That’s the furthest thing from the truth, however. Here’s why the Kelce brothers enjoy watching each other win almost more than their own victory. 

How Jason and Travis Kelce won their Super Bowls

Travis won last season’s Super Bowl when his Chiefs staged a late-game comeback against the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. The Chiefs had spent several seasons making the playoffs and knocking on the door as championship contenders.

The previous season, they earned home-field advantage in the AFC title game before the Patriots snatched a victory away from them in the waning seconds of the game. The Super Bowl against the Niners was a hard-earned victory and one that Travis played an integral role in. The Chiefs look like they’ll be a contender for years to come

Jason’s success story also involves defeating the Patriots. In the 2017-18 season, he was part of an Eagles team that upset the Pats in the Super Bowl. It would’ve been New England’s third straight championship and the Eagles went up against them with backup quarterback Nick Foles. Nevertheless, they came away with the win. No Eagles fan will ever forget Jason’s passionate speech at the victory parade, details The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The dominance of the Kelce brothers

A Sports Illustrated piece chronicled the success of the brothers, and it’s significant. Between them, they’ve made the Pro Bowl eight times and have been selected for five All-Pro squads. Travis possesses four consecutive 1,000 yard receiving seasons — a record for tight ends. Jason, who’s a bit undersized as a center but in no way underskilled, has spent the last three years as the top-rated player at his position by Pro Football Focus. 

It’s apparent that over the course of their still-blossoming careers, the Kelces have risen to the top of their position rankings. Now that they’ve both had the chance to win a championship, they can answer the question of what they enjoyed more: winning one or watching their brother win one. The answer may surprise you. 

Why the Kelce brothers enjoyed watching each other win a Super Bowl


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Each man is at the top of their respective game. They were at their happiest, however, when the other brother won. Here’s what Jason had to say about his reaction to Travis’s victory to Sports Illustrated: 

“I was just running through the stadium, very emotional, crying … Winning it yourself is a very self-gratifying thing — like, I’ve worked my entire life to do this — and that has its emotions in its own way, but seeing someone you love and care about accomplish their dreams is potentially more gratifying.”

And here’s how Travis reacted to Jason’s Super Bowl win: 

“The happiest I’ve ever been for him was seeing him win the Super Bowl and seeing how crazy he went on the field. A guy with so much passion for the people around him, the ultimate leader … It always gets me a little emotional thinking about that.”

It’s clear the Kelces have the very definition of a great relationship for two brothers. While they’d no doubt fight as hard as possible when playing against each other, it says something for their character — and love for each other — how happy they were when the other emerged victoriously.