Jason Kidd’s Violent Domestic Abuse Arrest Led to His Trade to New Jersey

The world knows Jason Kidd for his basketball talents. His NBA career began with the Mavericks in 1994. He went on to break records like the one he set in 2007 with Vince Carter — the first teammates to hit triple-doubles in a game together. Kidd impressed NBA fans. But off the court, this wasn’t the case. Let’s look at Kidd’s domestic abuse incident, which changed his career forever.

Jason Kidd’s history of domestic violence 

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When Kidd’s NBA career took off he seemed to be professionally thriving, however, this wasn’t the case for his personal life. In January 2001, Kidd found himself in a situation, details ESPN. The resulting headlines greatly compromised his character and reputation. After getting in a disagreement with Joumana Kidd, the NBA star’s wife, he was arrested for physically hitting her.

Many fans and viewers were shocked to see the headlines and hear the athlete plead guilty. As a result, Kidd was sentenced to pay a $200 fine. He was also ordered to attend programs and training focused on anger management, but the consequences didn’t stop there. 

The backlash of Kidd’s arrest

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In 2001, Kidd was playing for the Phoenix Suns when things took a dark turn for him. The basketball star was arrested. Kidd found himself in the middle of a domestic dispute. Being connected to a violent domestic abuse case will often lead to negative press and attention. In press conferences and interviews, Kidd spoke out to the public speaking about the troubling incident.

According to ESPN, the public had already learned of Kidd’s court-ordered consequences when Kidd was dealt a more unconventional repercussion. The domestic abuse arrest is ultimately what led to Kidd getting traded to the New Jersey Nets. 

What is Jason Kidd up to now? 

Kidd played for the Nets until 2008. From there he returned to the Mavericks and played with his old team for a few years. His last season was with the Knicks. In 2013, Kidd retired. At the moment, he’s currently an assistant coach for the Lakers. Since he retired, Kidd has seemed to take an interest in coaching. He’s admitted he’d love a head coaching position.

Some people may be surprised that Kidd had such a successful career despite his run-in with the law. Though his marriage to Joumana Kidd wasn’t the right fit, reports ESPN, it does seem like Kidd learned from the experience. When fans and viewers take Kidd’s DWI incident in 2012 into consideration, his success and image become even more surprising. 

Kidd managed a pretty remarkable career despite the obstacles he created. Kidd’s image, success, and reputation demonstrate that no one event or incident can define someone. Hopefully, Kidd will continue to impress his viewers and fans with his drive and passion for basketball.