Jason Taylor’s Scathing Review of NFL Flops: ‘I’ve Never Been Around a More Incompetent Head Coach’

Jason Taylor is a Hall of Famer due to his success with the Dolphins, where he played the majority of his career. But this hasn’t stopped the former defensive star from voicing his opinions about how the team’s front office and coaching staff have performed. His thoughts on the Dolphins include calling his former head coach “incompetent” among other things. Here are all the not-so-favorable comments he’s boldly told the media.

Jason Taylor’s Hall of Fame career

Miami Dolphins' Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor attends the Dolphins’ Hall of Fame Celebration in 2017 | Johnny Louis/Getty Images

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The Dolphins took Taylor in the third round — No. 73 overall — of the 1997 NFL draft, and the pick turned out well for them. He spent 13 of his 15 seasons in the NFL with the Dolphins in three different stints. (He also played one season each with the Jets and Redskins.)

Taylor put up terrific numbers for most of his time in Miami, totaling 723 tackles — 137 for a loss — and 131 sacks. He forced 43 fumbles and recovered 27 fumbles, finding the end zone six of those times. Taylor also had eight interceptions, with three pick-6s.

The 46-year-old wasn’t as successful on the other teams. In 13 games, eight starts, with Washington in 2008, Taylor forced one fumble and had 29 tackles, six for a loss; he had just 3.5 sacks, one more than his career-low. In 2010, his lone Jets season, he played in all 16 games, starting five. Taylor forced two fumbles and recovered two, with 36 tackles — eight for a loss — and five sacks.

Taylor criticizes the Dolphins’ front office

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The Miami Herald spoke to Taylor about his time with the Dolphins shortly before he was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2017. Some of Taylor’s comments were eye-opening. He said with some of Miami’s administrations, there was too much baby-sitting. “They treated you like kids and didn’t allow guys to grow,” according to Taylor.

He went on to discuss coaches who’d be upset when players wouldn’t improve. But he added that the coaches wouldn’t allow the players to do so. One coach, in particular, who Taylor didn’t like was Cam Cameron. He led the Dolphins in 2007 — his only season as an NFL head coach — when the team went a franchise-worst 1-15.

Taylor came right out and called Cameron “an idiot.” He blasted Cameron further, saying he doesn’t know how he got the job and that the Akron alum has “never been around a more incompetent head coach than Cam Cameron,” even going back to his days playing youth football and in college.

The Dolphins’ string of bad quarterbacks

Then there’s the on-field play, which Taylor hasn’t always been thrilled about, particularly the club’s inability to find a franchise quarterback after Dan Marino retired. Taylor went on to blast the poor quarterbacks he played with on the Dolphins rosters.

Pat White

Taylor says Pat White was built like his 12-year-old son and that he thought White got killed when he took a big hit against Pittsburgh. 

John Beck

Taylor joked, “You could read the words on the ball as it was in the air” when John Beck threw a pass, indicating he wasn’t exactly a hard passer.

Trent Green

The Dolphins traded for Trent Green prior to the start of the ill-fated 2007 season. Taylor recalls saying that Green was “one hit away from being scrambled eggs.” Word got out about the line, which Taylor admits was harsh, and Green called his then-new teammate to discuss it. Green ended up suffering a concussion in his fifth game with the Dolphins and missed the rest of the season.