Jay Cutler Could Be Following in Tony Romo’s Footsteps

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is well into his NFL retirement, but he hasn’t settled on a post-retirement career as of yet. According to some reports, the NFL’s TV partners may pursue Cutler for a career as an analyst in the broadcast booth. With another former quarterback, Tony Romo, making the same leap in recent seasons, it’s no surprise Cutler would consider it. Here’s why he might do it, and why it would be a good idea. 

Tony Romo’s big payday at CBS

Romo has had an immensely popular run as the number one color commentator at CBS alongside number one play-by-play man Jim Nantz. Romo has become so popular that this offseason there were rumors ESPN would attempt to woo him to call games for Monday Night Football. The courtship either never materialized or never got that far. 

Recently, CBS signed Romo to a deal that will exceed $100 million over five years. It’s worth more than $17 million per year annually. While ESPN was expected to make a big push for Romo, some reports said Romo’s close relationship with Nantz essentially ensured he would return to CBS as Romo sees Nantz as a mentor.

The deal is historic — it makes Romo the highest-paid commentator in NFL history. Even some of the game’s greats like John Madden never received a contract that big. It speaks to how much fans truly enjoy Romo’s analysis on Sundays. 

Now that Romo’s future is secure, who will be the next former quarterback to step into the booth?  

How Jay Cutler may follow in Tony Romo’s broadcasting footsteps

According to The Big Lead, Jay Cutler may be the next Romo. Cutler met with both ESPN and CBS recently to discuss a potential position — though there has been no word on whether that would be as a color commentator or pre-game analyst. One can reasonably assume ESPN reached out to Cutler about the Monday Night Football gig — fans widely panned last season’s combination of Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland

This isn’t Cutler’s first brush with broadcasting — several seasons ago he reached an agreement with Fox to serve as a color commentator before he opted to come out of retirement for one more season. The real question for Cutler is whether or not this is a good idea. Based on Romo’s experience in the booth, the answer to that is probably yes. 

Why having a former NFL QB in the broadcasting booth is great for the game

Romo has thrilled fans with his ability to accurately predict plays while also providing valuable insights into the game. Romo was always an eloquent, well-liked player during his career, so it comes as no surprise that he’s successful in the booth.

It’s also not particularly surprising that a former quarterback would be so good at analyzing the action. No player touches the ball as frequently as the quarterback. They’re involved in almost every facet of the offense in one way or another. Even for parts of the offense they’re not directly involved in, they must have an intimate understanding of how it works. The idea that they’d be great analysts makes sense based on the amount of football knowledge they need to apply during the game.

With a long NFL career behind him, Cutler would likely be a great fit for the broadcast booth as well. He wasn’t as successful or as well-liked as Romo, but subsequent media appearances have shown he has a sense of humor and is also well-spoken. There’s almost no doubt Cutler would be an entertaining analyst to watch. If he does make the leap to the booth, expect him to draw similarly rave reviews