Jayson Tatum Reveals the Crushing Affect COVID-19 Has Had on Him

Like many other sports leagues, the NBA has taken the cautious path of playing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Boston Celtics have been hit notably hard by the virus that saw star Jayson Tatum miss extensive time due to the virus. Tatum has now revealed the crushing impact the illness has had on him over the last few months.

Jayson Tatum tests positive for COVID-19

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Since the NBA chose to resume playing basketball last season, the league has had numerous players deal with COVID-19.

Although the number of cases has reduced over time, there were several instances where the virus struck teams hard. The Celtics were among those battling the illness as star forward Jayson Tatum tested positive in early January.

Tatum’s situation saw him miss nearly three weeks of action, returning to the floor later that month. His absence was a bit more lengthy than others as the virus kept him away longer than the typical two weeks for recovery.

The 23-year-old has moved having the virus, but there remain some lingering health issues that stem from the bout.

Jayson Tatum reveals the crushing affect COVID-19 has had on him

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It’s been nearly three months since Jason Tatum returned to the floor from dealing with COVID-19.

Like many who have battled the illness, there remain some persistent health issues that still bother him. According to the Boston Globe, Tatum voiced that he takes a shot from an inhaler before playing in a game since he tested positive for the virus.

“I take an inhaler before the game since I’ve tested positive,” Tatum said. “This has kind of helped with that and opened up my lungs and, you know, I never took an inhaler before. So that’s something different. I for sure feel better now than I did a month ago.”

The two-time All-Star is still having some difficulty with his breathing, which is a common symptom of the virus. In many instances, the illness makes it harder to breathe, requiring medical aids such as an inhaler and, in worst cases, a ventilator.

Tatum did voice that he is improving as time passes by, but it’s a situation that is still having a lingering impact on his health. In early March, he stated that he didn’t feel 100% almost two months after returning from his absence.

Tatum referenced that other players told him that it takes a couple of months to “catch their breath” and get back into rhythm.The Celtics will continue to monitor the situation, but he’s voiced that he’s improving as time has moved along this season

Nonetheless, it’s quite crushing to hear that he’s still dealing with health issues months out from his initial recovery.

Celtics’ championship hopes lie on his shoulders

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Jayson Tatum may be still working his way back to full strength from his bout with COVID-19, but his play as of late has provided much

Tatum looks to have turned a corner over the last two weeks as he’s playing some of his best basketball this season. In the previous 10 games, he’s averaging 29.4 points while shooting just below 50% from the floor and right under 40% from 3-point range.

During this span, he has notched more than 20 points in each contest, including a career-high 53 points in the overtime win against the Minnesota Timberwolves on April 9. Tatum’s production has guided the Celtics toward a strong turnaround with a 7-3 record over that span, moving them to the fifth spot in the Eastern Conference standings.

Boston has been rocked with injuries and COVID-19 cases throughout this season. However, it’s on their young core led by Tatum and All-Star guard Jaylen Brown to give them any realistic chance of competing for an NBA title this season.