Jeff Gordon’s Attempt to Punch and Tackle Jeff Burton Spiraled Into a Career Low Point

During his legendary racing career, Jeff Gordon got into multiple fights with other drivers. In fact, four of the most physical driver confrontations in NASCAR history have involved Gordon.

Every NASCAR fan will always remember where they were when Gordon went after Brad Keselowski on pit road at Texas Motor Speedway in 2014 and set off one of the wildest melees and crew brawls the sport has ever seen.

However, some racing fans forget about when Jeff Gordon showed off his boxing and football skills during a physical confrontation with Jeff Burton.

Jeff Gordon was pissed off at Jeff Burton in 2010

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Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton got into a physical confrontation at Texas Motor Speedway in 2010. When Burton accidentally ran into Gordon under caution, the legendary racer went off.

Not only did Gordon shrug off NASCAR officials and march toward Burton, but he took a swing and tried to tackle him, showing off his love for football.

Burton said the incident was a complete accident, but Gordon didn’t care.

“He just drove into my (left) rear and put me in the wall under caution,” Gordon said. “Of all the people out there, I never thought that would happen with Jeff Burton. I always had a tremendous amount of respect for him. I certainly lost a lot of respect today.”

Burton went next to Gordon’s car to apologize after the initial hit but accidentally hit him again, causing them both to wreck. That’s what caused Gordon to go bonkers and fight Burton.

Jeff Gordon didn’t want to ride in the ambulance with Jeff Burton. The four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion told reporters he meant to do more than swing at Burton, who apologized several times for his mistake.

Jeff Burton says his altercation with Jeff Gordon is one of the low points of his career

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Jeff Burton told The Scene Vault Podcast that his altercation with Jeff Gordon is one of the low points of his career. Even though a huge fight didn’t break out, Burton doesn’t like what happened between him and Gordon.

“The whole story behind it is we were both pissed off because we were running like 18th,” Burton said. “I was running the high line, he was on the bottom, he thought I should let him go, he made a big swerve at me because he was mad and my temper got the better of me, and I stood wide open in the gas. I wasn’t trying to wreck him, but we got hooked up. And once we got hooked up, we couldn’t get apart. And when he hit, I mean he hit really hard and as soon as he hit, all the energy–you know how mad you get–all that went away.”

Jeff Burton never meant to hit Jeff Gordon because he didn’t want to injure the famous NASCAR driver. Unfortunately, contact between the two sent Gordon hard into the outside retaining wall, and a brief scuffle broke out.

Mike Helton and The Mayor had a funny moment

After the Jeff Gordon crash, Mike Helton called Jeff Burton and talked to The Mayor (Burton’s nickname) about a possible fine. That’s when Burton decided to have a funny moment and told Helton that Gordon didn’t deserve to get punished.

Of course, Helton called Burton to discuss his fine, but it was all in good fun at the time.