Jeff Gordon Reveals 1 NASCAR Track That Would Pull Him Out of Retirement

Since Jeff Gordon stepped into retirement, he has maintained a strong presence around NASCAR. Gordon’s significant involvement with the sport has also kept alive dialogue about what could get him back behind the wheel. The legendary driver has fueled that talk by voicing that one NASCAR track could get out of retirement.

Jeff Gordon steps into NASCAR retirement

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Jeff Gordon strung together an illustrious NASCAR racing career that spanned almost three decades.

His 25-year stint as a Cup Series driver featured capture four championships, finish third all-time with 93 Cup Series victories, including three Daytona 500 wins. Although Gordon did choose to retire after the 2015 season, he subbed in for Dale Earnhardt Jr. for the 2016 campaign due to his concussion issues.

In the years that have followed his last race, there have been lingering questions concerning a possible return.

Jeff Gordon reveals 1 NASCAR track that would pull him out of retirement

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Since Jeff Gordon chose to retire after the 2016 season, the dialogue has lingered around what could get him to race again.

Gordon has remained involved with the sport off the track through his broadcast duties and equity ownership in Hendrick Motorsports. However, Gordon voiced to Newsday in November 2018 that a particular scenario could get him back behind the wheel.

“Going down to Teterboro (Airport) from time to time, going by the Meadowlands all the time and seeing all the things they’re building that are all sports-related, I just wish we could have figured out a way to get a race track there, especially a short track,” he said. “You look at the schedule, and we desperately want another short track.”

“Man, I would give anything,” Gordon said. “That might even bring me back to driving if we had a track at the Meadowlands.” 

NASCAR uses the Watkins Glen track in New York, but Gordon’s desire remains on racing in Meadowlands. Over the years, Meadowlands Raceway has held horse racing events along with opening a sports gambling complex.

Gordon has accomplished it all but getting the opportunity to compete on a NASCAR track in that area is quite appealing. There is an ongoing debate around having a track in New York with concerns regarding the hefty cost to make it happen.

The closest NASCAR came was 16 years ago when International Speedway corporation bought a site in Staten Island. However, the property was sold in 2013 without any work done to the location. Nonetheless, if this scenario were to present itself, at least one Hall of Fame driver is interested.

Future remains in the broadcast booth

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That isn’t the only time that Jeff Gordon has flirted with the idea of racing again, but it’s clear he’s quite happy staying in retirement.

Over the last few years, Gordon has progressively adapted to his job in the broadcast booth. He has become a staple in the business, while he’s shown some impressive skills as an interviewer over the years.

Gordon’s work in the media has built a bright future ahead for as long as he wants to go that route. The growing expectation is that he will eventually wind up taking over control of Hendrick Motorsports once Rick Hendrick steps into retirement.

In the meantime, Gordon will continue to excel in his career in racing retirement.