Jerry Jones Blaming Cowboys WRs for Dak Prescott’s Struggles Will Create Unwanted Tension in the Dallas Locker Room

Despite their impressive 8-4 record, all is not currently well in the world of the Dallas Cowboys. They’ve lost two of their last three games, including back-to-back games against the Kansas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Even during their recent Week 12 win over the New Orleans Saints, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense struggled to perform up to their standards.

The Cowboys are in a bit of a rough patch

Starting first with their loss to the Chiefs, the Cowboys’ offense looked the worst it has all season long. They only scored nine points, and Prescott passed for a measly 216 yards on 43 attempts. The Dallas quarterback also threw two interceptions, essentially sealing the win for Kansas City.

Prescott and the Cowboys looked much better against the Raiders the following week despite the loss (33 total points scored). However, their most recent game against the Saints was a different story. Saints QB Taysom Hill’s four interceptions made it a reasonably stress-free evening for the Cowboys, but that shouldn’t negate Dallas’ struggles moving the football through the air.

Prescott only passed for 238 total yards on 40 attempts, adding another interception to his season total as well.

All of the Cowboys’ leading wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs were active against New Orleans. There were no excuses for Prescott not to put up massive numbers, especially considering how well the Dallas defense performed behind him.

Jerry Jones is blaming the wide receivers for Prescott’s recent struggles

When questioned about the lack of passing production the past few weeks, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones offered an interesting take on the situation. Instead of commenting on Prescott’s health and/or accuracy issues, he essentially blamed it all on his team’s wide receivers.

“The thing that you’re seeing is sometimes the pass looks errant is because the receiver, for instance, ran the route two yards, cut it off two yards shorter. He should be out two more yards before he makes his cuts,” said Jones.

“It can make all the difference in the world as far as his ability to separate. It has a relativeness to the other receivers. And, so, if you’re not really crisp on the way the play was designed, relative to how many yards you go, the cut, then your passing game can look really off. That’s one of the answers: better routes.”

The Cowboys were operating with a few backup WRs during the Raiders game. However, they had all three big names (Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup) during the Saints game — three big names Dallas has invested significant assets into over the past few seasons. They all know how to run routes properly.

Jones’ comments could cause tension in the Cowboys’ locker room

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones | Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

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While Jerry Jones is presumably trying to defend his (well-paid) quarterback more than he is trying to insult his wide receivers, it’s worth pointing out comments like this could easily cause tension in a team’s locker room.

Nobody likes to be blamed for struggles and/or inconsistencies. The trio of Cowboys receivers doing most of the heavy lifting in Dallas could take comments like this the wrong way.

With a trip to the postseason on the horizon, the last thing the Cowboys need is unwanted tension and stress inside their already heavily scrutinized locker room. Jones may have meant well, but he really should’ve stayed quiet this time.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.