Jerry Jones Boldly Claims the Cowboys Will Host Fans In 2020 Season

The 2020 NFL season is quickly approaching with around a month away from commencing, but there remain plenty of lingering questions. One of which centers around fans being able to attend the game as there is significant concern around the coronavirus. The NFL has yet to lay out how teams will go about the possibility of fans attending games. However, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has voiced that his team will have fans at home.

NFL hoping to have fans in attendance for 2020 season

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The approach the NFL has taken to guiding the league to the 2020 season has seen many bumps occur.

Much of that has centered around structure with the health protocols concerning the coronavirus. That has seen the entire preseason canceled while training camp as taken its spot ahead of the upcoming campaign. There have also been many questions flaring up about what the plan will be for fans attending games.

The NFL has only announced that the first eight rows of seating at stadiums will be tarped off during games. There hasn’t been any number floated around regarding how many fans can attend any given game in the 2020 season. Despite that, Jerry Jones has come out with a strong stance about what the Cowboys will do at their home games.

Jerry Jones believes fans will attend Cowboys’ home games

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Throughout the last several weeks, the NFL hasn’t put a set plan for how teams will approach fans attending games.

There have already been a few franchises such as the Las Vegas Raiders, who have announced that nobody will be allowed to attend games. However, that isn’t he approach that Jerry Jones is taking as he has voiced on Wednesday that he plans to have fans at the Cowboys’ home games in the 2020 season. (H/T Kevin Patra of

“I am completely confident that if I’ve ever seen a general population have had information of where the issues are, where the vulnerabilities are, how to conduct yourself, the do-right rule relative to the person with you and beside you that you do or you don’t know, I’m confident that we have very educated situation and that our fans can come and have a safe experience at our stadium along with of course our players having the safety they’re required on the football,” 

Jones is moving a bit headstrong with the notion that can safely attend games, but he aired caution with the situation. He also noted that there will be a significantly reduced number of people that can attend. Jones wants to follow the best safety protocol to make it possible while stating that he believes that AT&T Stadium has more locations to put groups of 5-10 people and keep people at safe distance from each other.

Things remain in the air

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If the Cowboys adhere to this approach, that will require them to follow the state protocols regarding larger gatherings.

Texas has the policy in place that only 50 capacity for sporting events is acceptable. That should provide Jerry Jones with a ballpark figure of what he can work with for the 2020 season. Much can still change in the coming weeks as the virus has hit the United States hard the second time.

Jones is quite optimistic about the situation, but it’s hard to believe he will go headstrong against any health concerns if deemed an unsafe environment. There are many elements at play for the NFL that could significantly impact it. If things stay in the direction that they are heading now, the expectation could see some fans in attendance at Cowboys’ home games for the 2020 season.