Jerry Jones Can Solve Dak Prescott’s Contract Situation in This Ridiculous Way

Throughout the last several months, there has been nothing but lingering chatter between Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott concerning his contract situation. There has yet to be any clarity in regards to whether he will have a new deal in place at some point this offseason. Instead, the two sides are still a significant way apart in their discussions. That has left the window open to the possibility that the Pro Bowler could venture into the 2020 season without a new lucrative extension in place. There has also been brought to attention a potential but highly unlikely factor on Jerry Jones side of things that could come into play in the contract talks.

Dak Prescott eyeing long-term extension

It has been made quite clear throughout this process is that Prescott is eyeballing a new deal with Dallas.

Plenty of ground must be made first in negotiations, but the 26-year-old continues to remain firm with his desire to stay with the franchise. The hope was to get that deal done last offseason and before the start of free agency several weeks ago.

The lack of progress in the discussion forced the Cowboys’ hand to place the franchise tag on their star quarterback to at least keep him under contract through the 2020 campaign. In response to that decision, Prescott decided to take the matter into his own hands but electing not yet to sign the franchise tender.

Meanwhile, he has also not participated in the voluntary virtual offseason workouts. These moves have further hammered away the point that he wants a long-term extension with the franchise and doesn’t want to go through another situation where he heads into next offseason without a deal.

It’s a tough scenario to be in for Prescott, but the Cowboys have an unlikely option at their disposal that would shake everything up.

Unlikely, but intriguing option for Jerry Jones regarding Dak Prescott

The entire situation has continued to progress into a much more complicated matter as the weeks have passed since the start of free agency.

The Cowboys decided to place the franchise tag on Prescott this offseason, but it’s a contract that he has yet signed. It’s improbable that Jones and the team venture this route, but as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has pointed out, the Cowboys have the option of rescinding the tender.

Until Prescott accepts the one-year offer, the Cowboys have the ability to yank it. And Dalton gives Dallas an intriguing bird in the hand in the event that the Cowboys can’t work something out with Prescott and potentially decide, depending on the whims of owner/G.M. Jerry Jones, to rescind the franchise tender, making Dalton the Dallas starter and saving well over $20 million in the process.

There hasn’t been any legitimate chatter in that direction by any means, but the possibility is simply on the table. The Cowboys have their options and now that Andy Dalton is in the fold on a one-year, $7 million, it only make things that much interesting.

The decision to ink Dalton raised many eyebrows as it at least suggests that the team has a backup plan if things head south with Prescott’s contract situation. Again, it’s highly unlikely would go against all logic to walk away from Prescott, but the fact that this scenario has been brought up speaks to how uncertain things are on that front.

What will the Cowboys do with Dak Prescott?

Until Prescott inks his franchise tag for the 2020 season, this scenario remains on the table despite how unlikely it may be.

What should be more telling than anything is that the Cowboys decided to bring another veteran quarterback aboard. Dalton isn’t there to replace Prescott, but the fact that Dallas signed him shows that they don’t know how things will unfold this offseason with the contract talks. He reportedly wants to back up Prescott, but the decision to choose that situation has some interesting circumstances.

The 26-year-old could venture the route of sitting out, which would make adding Dalton a solid insurance plan. There is still plenty of time before the July 15 deadline for a contract extension, which could see the entire situation resolved well before the start of the 2020 season.