Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys Could Lose Their $3 Million Man After Dak Prescott’s Recent Deal

Jerry Jones saw his Dallas Cowboys team struggle in 2020, especially after franchise quarterback Dak Prescott went down with injury. However, the Cowboys still almost made the playoffs in the weak NFC East, and it was all because of the play of former Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. No, Dalton did not play great, but he played well enough to win some games in Prescott’s absence.

However, after recently agreeing to a new deal with Prescott, the Cowboys could now potentially lose Dalton and be on the hunt for a new backup QB.

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys agreed to a new deal with Dak Prescott

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After what was potentially the most documented contract dispute in recent memory, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys finally agreed to a new deal with Dak Prescott.

According to ESPN, the two sides agreed to a four-year, $160 million deal. It can reportedly be worth up to $164 million, and he will receive a $66 million signing bonus, the largest in NFL history.

Whether he should have received this big of a deal or not, Prescott certainly deserved a new contract with the Cowboys. He has earned two Pro Bowl selections in his career and has led Dallas to the playoffs twice. Prescott also threw for 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns in 2019.

However, coming back from a gruesome injury could be challenging for Prescott in 2021, so the Cowboys’ backup quarterback spot could be one of the most important positions on the team’s roster.

Jerry Jones’ team may ultimately lose their backup QB, though.

Andy Dalton may leave the Dallas Cowboys

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Before going to the Dallas Cowboys, Andy Dalton had a significant amount of success with the Cincinnati Bengals. He earned three Pro Bowl selections and led them to the playoffs in five consecutive seasons from 2011 through 2015.

He and the Bengals, however, parted ways after they selected Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft. This then led to the Cowboys signing Andy Dalton to a one-year, $3 million deal to back up Dak Prescott in 2020.

Dalton probably didn’t expect to play as much as he did, but Prescott’s injury last season forced him into the Cowboys’ starting role. He played well in his nine starts, too. Dalton went 4-5, which kept Dallas in the running for the playoffs, and threw for 2,170 yards, 14 touchdowns, and eight interceptions in 11 appearances on the season.

Yes, Jerry Jones saw his Cowboys team struggle overall in 2020, but Dalton did exactly what they wanted him to do when they signed him in the offseason. He gave them high-quality snaps in Prescott’s absence.

However, Dalton is now a free agent and may actually leave the Cowboys. According to NFL reporter Josina Anderson, the Dallas is reportedly interested in bringing Andy Dalton back. He may, though, entertain other offers first. In fact, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reported that one source believes the Chicago Bears could be interested in Dalton. This is in addition to another report pointing to the Broncos.

This would ultimately be a crushing blow to Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. 

The Dallas Cowboys could be in trouble without their backup QB

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Things could potentially get pretty ugly for the Cowboys if Andy Dalton were to go to the Bears or another team

Other than Prescott, Dallas just has Ben DiNucci, Garrett Gilbert, and Cooper Rush under contract at QB. DiNucci threw for no touchdowns and only 219 yards on 43 attempts for the Cowboys in 2020, while Gilbert has just thrown for 283 yards since getting drafted in 2014. Cooper Rush, on the other hand, has thrown for two career yards since 2017.

If Prescott were to miss a game or two in 2021, the Cowboys’ hopes of winning would not be high at all, to say the least. There is a significant drop-off from Dalton to those guys. 

Dallas could, however, potentially add someone in free agency like Alex Smith or Jacoby Brissett. Anyone would probably be a better option than DiNucci, Gilbert, or Rush. 

The Cowboys may still have chance to bring Dalton back, though. But with Jerry Jones potentially wanting to focus on getting Prescott help instead of giving money to his backup, there is a good chance that he could leave.

So, if Andy Dalton does, in fact, end up leaving and going to the Bears, would it work?

Andy Dalton and the Chicago Bears would be an odd pairing

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Make no mistake about it, Andy Dalton is a solid QB, but he’s not a franchise guy. The Chicago Bears need a game-changer after seeing Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky both throw for under 206 yards per game last year. Dalton, who is, again, a solid backup, only threw for 197.3 yards per game. 

While he can be a guy that can help a team with an already explosive offense, Chicago only scored 23.3 points per game last season. Andy Dalton is not a guy who can turn that around.

Andy Dalton’s future is unclear, but he and Jerry Jones’ Cowboys team may just be a perfect match.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference; Contract numbers courtesy of Spotrac