Jerry Jones Has No Excuse Left in the Book If the Cowboys Don’t Play Lights Out

By nature of their self-proclaimed status as America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys enter almost every season with expectations they can’t typically meet. This year, however, the team might be worth the hype. With one of the most talented, young NFL offenses, Jerry Jones and company might have its best shot at matching the ’90s glory in years. As such, any excuses at the end of the season can only point to the team itself. 

A year of transition for the Cowboys

The Jason Garrett era in Dallas might’ve lasted a decade. But it left a lot to be desired during most seasons. Riding the success of Tony Romo’s arm for much of his tenure, Garrett made an annual tradition of being in the hot seat at the end of nearly every season. However, after a disappointing 2019 season, Jerry Jones pulled the trigger and let his longtime coach go. 

Now with a Super Bowl-winning coach in Mike McCarthy, reports Yahoo Sports, the Cowboys can expect the same tough atmosphere that helped lead his Packers teams to contention and, in one case, Super Bowl glory. McCarthy runs the type of tight ship that could be ideal for the Cowboys’ young guns.

Still, his experience with an Aaron Rodgers offense might be especially suitable for the team’s offensive players. With so much talent, the expectations will be sky-high. 

Managing a loaded roster 

The Cowboys’ young talent is nothing new. Outside of Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, there might not be a more intriguing young quarterback than Dak Prescott, the man who usurped Tony Romo and made his name the last few seasons. Add star running back Ezekiel Elliott and star receiver Amari Cooper. The Cowboys have a viable option on the field any time they throw a snap.‘s Ali Bhanpuri did some research regarding who had the best quarterback, running back, and wide receiver tandem in the NFL. After weighing everything, he found that while none of these players are the best at their position, they are all in the top 10. This is a luxury few teams have, and it shows why 2020 could be an enormous year for Dallas. 

Prescott’s approach to the game, combined with this talent and McCarthy’s offense, means the Cowboys’ lofty expectations could get bigger. Everyone knows that Prescott can throw, Elliott can run, and Cooper can catch passes. Still, with a coaching staff finally worthy of that talent, all of these pieces may come together beautifully. 

However, even the team’s secondary options could be a problem for the other defenses. On their own, talented players like CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup make the team one of the strongest receiving cores in the NFL. All of this is to say that if everything goes right for the Cowboys in terms of injuries and setbacks, the team only has itself to blame if the season doesn’t go as planned.

The ticking clock


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Jerry Jones isn’t getting any younger. Since the early ’90s, when he was a new owner with an impressive amount of success, he’s failed to compete at a championship level. This is why the team brought in McCarthy while keeping the core together. All of the pieces are in place and fit in beautifully with one another, as ABC Sports details.

The only thing keeping the Cowboys from reaching the Chiefs or Ravens’ levels is themselves. If they can get over this hurdle under McCarthy’s watch, a new dawn is in store for America’s team. Now, we just have to wait and see if they got this memo, too.