Jerry Jones Tells Cowboys Fans Exactly What Dak Prescott Wants to Hear

The Dallas Cowboys have been unable to avoid the lingering questions around Dak Prescott’s long-term future. The organization hoped to work out an extension this offseason, but that didn’t come to fruition, leaving his tenure with the team beyond the 2020 season open. With that being the case, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made it quite clear what his plans are for Prescott.

Dak Prescott’s contract situation

Throughout the last year, the Cowboys’ focus has been fixated on Dak Prescott‘s contract situation.

Dallas remains quite headstrong on wanting to get the Pro Bowler under a new contract, but the two sides have been unable to secure an extension over the span. The Cowboys let that conversation linger on into this offseason, which led to placing the franchise tag on Prescott.

A new contract couldn’t be agreed upon before the July 15 deadline, which means the 26-year-old will play under a one-year deal in 2020. Despite that, Jerry Jones has a strong stance concerning Prescott’s future with the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones wants Dak Prescott in Dallas for the long haul

The lack of a new deal in place for Dak Prescott has left the Cowboys in the spot of continued questions about his future.

Team owner Jerry Jones has finally publicly weighed in on the matter after a deal didn’t come to fruition at the franchise tag deadline in July. He voiced on Wednesday that the team sees him as their long-term solution. (H/T 247 Sports)

“We think he’s outstanding, we think he’s our quarterback of the future,” Jones said. “We just couldn’t get together at this particular time. I think it’s easily worth noting that a lot of people this year in the franchise mode didn’t get together. One of the biggest reasons was the backdrop of the COVID, one of the biggest reasons is the economic issue.

“I’ve just spent weeks and weeks, as part of this rasp voice, on the phone talking with NFL and the players association, weeks and weeks walking through the economic consequences. And candidly, nobody knows what’s going to be there next year, the next year or the next year. And frankly, we all know what we were talking about in this case was the next year, the next year and the next year.

Jones continued: “So all of that came to bear and this was just a less-than-stable time to be talking about serious, serious generational (if you will, to use Dak’s term) dollars and an unknown period of time looking forward. That certainly was one of the issues.”

Jones clearly wants Prescott to stay in Dallas for many years to come, but the two sides are far apart on the financials. That is a hurdle that the team will have to address next offseason as it will take a huge commitment from the organization to retain the Pro Bowl for the long haul.

Focus on the 2020 season


Dak Prescott’s Net Worth Is Probably Much Higher Than You Think

The Cowboys and Dak Prescott are not where they want to be with the contract situation, but the focus can shift to solely the 2020 season.

Dallas is hoping to make a surge back into the playoffs while eyeing a run toward the Super Bowl. The front office has constructed a roster with plenty of talent to win the NFC East and become one of the top teams in the conference. Much of that will depend on Prescott leading their offense that has Pro Bowlers across the board.

The 26-year-old is playing for much more than a Super Bowl as his performance will go a long way in determining his next NFL contract.