Jerry Jones May Have Tipped Off the Real Reason Why He Paid Dak Prescott $160 Million

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have long dealt with the constant chatter around Dak Prescott’s future. The conversation has reached a screeching halt as Dallas dished out a historic contract to keep Prescott in Dallas for several more years. The sudden change in Jones’ mindset may have to do with another financially lucrative situation on the horizon.

Dak Prescotts secures historic contract with Cowboys

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Over the last several weeks, there remained an uncertain sense around the Cowboys concerning Dak Prescott’s future.

The entire conversation has changed, with Prescott getting what he wanted all along from Dallas. Jerry jones finally let up by making the 27-year-old the second-highest paid player in NFL history behind Patrick Mahomes.

Prescott secured a four-year, $160 million deal worth up to $164 million if incentives are met. The contract includes $126 million guaranteed, a no-trade clause, and a no-franchise tag clause if he hits free agency after the deal.

Prescott will hold the second-highest average annual salary at $40 million, while his $75 million made in the first year is the most in league history. It’s a move that many didn’t anticipate, given the team’s previous hesitance to agree on a deal that would pay him near $40 million annually and $110 million guaranteed.

The change of heart raises questions about why Jones and the Cowboys agreed to go that route with Prescott. There may now be an obvious answer to why that has all come about this offseason.

Jerry Jones tipped off the real reason why he paid Dak Prescott $160 Million

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In the wake of Jerry Jones agreeing to make Dak Prescott the second-highest-paid NFL player, there are questions regarding what changed in the Cowboys’ mindset.

The previous apprehension from Dallas regarding that type of financial commitment combined with Prescott coming off a broken ankle didn’t suggest a contract for that amount was in the books. However, ESPN‘s Adam Schefter may have provided light on the situation as he stated that a league source believes it may be Jones tipping his hand about the team’s upcoming massive TV deal.

“You know what this is? This is Jerry Jones tipping off the extraordinary TV deal that is coming.”

The arrival of a huge TV deal would change the entire outlook on the situation. Keep in mind, the NFL has reportedly asked for double in its renewed TV deals with ABC/ESPN and received a 30% increase. That alone would help offset the substantial financial commitment that Jones just made to keep Prescott.

He may have also realized that having a highly competitive team with a star quarterback leading the charge will only help bring in more money. His decision to shell out that type of money for Prescott speaks to his trust that the Pro Bowler can significantly benefit the franchise monetarily well beyond the team’s success on the field.

Dallas can finally move forward

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Over the last couple of years, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys had Dak Prescott’s contract situation hovering over the franchise.

Dallas can finally move forward with Prescott in place for the next several years as their franchise cornerstone under center. It’s now on the 27-year-old’s shoulders to prove that he’s worth that type of money behind his play and team’s overall success.

The Cowboys have other areas of needed improvement, with the bulk of the attention toward improving their defense. The team believes they have the talent in place with their offense, especially with Prescott leading the charge. There could be some shifting of contracts on the defensive side of the ball over this offseason.

Nonetheless, the Cowboys have the clear focus of improving the team around their star quarterback with eyes toward competing for a Super Bowl.