Jerry Jones Will ‘Absolutely’ Not Allow Dak Prescott to Hold Out

The Dallas Cowboys have remained entrenched in a lingering contract extension talks with star quarterback Dak Prescott. The conversation hasn’t moved in a strong positive direction over the last several weeks since the start of free agency after the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on him. Instead, things are still primarily at a standstill, with there being no clarity about when or if the contract extension will be completed before the deadline. With Dallas having about a month to get a deal done, team owner Jerry Jones has made it quite clear that he won’t allow the Pro Bowler to go the route of a holdout.

Dak Prescott’s contract situation

Since last offseason, Dak Prescott has made it abundantly clear that he wants a lucrative long-term extension from the Cowboys.

Prescott has stood firm by his stance that he wants to be paid like one of the top players at his position, potentially eyeing a record-breaking deal. Dallas has at least moved in the direction of putting forth lucrative offers to prove that they are willing to pay him significantly on his next contract.

There hasn’t been any real movement toward getting that extension completed as the July 15 deadline continues to move closer now less than a month away. It has the Cowboy now considering the other potential outcomes if a new deal isn’t worked out as the team has a plan of action if that becomes the case.

Jerry Jones won’t allow Dak Prescott to hold out

The Cowboys are starting to be pushed against the clock, with the deadline quickly approaching in the next few weeks.

There is a chance that Dak Prescott could enter the 2020 season without a contract extension yet again. According to Jay Glazer of The Athletic, if that winds up being the case, Jerry Jones won’t allow Prescott to hold out.

They won’t. Absolutely not. It’s not part of their plan. Dak Prescott will be a part of the Dallas Cowboys for a long, long time. They will get this worked out.

The Cowboys have a strong sense of direction to make the Pro Bowler their long-term answer under center, but a lack of a new contract this offseason could make things a bit dicey. Dallas may have to bite the bullet more than they will like to retain Prescott, but if they are committed to him, it’s a price tag they must be willing to pay.

Pressure on the Jerry Jones to get Dak Prescott’s extension done


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It has become a bit of a stalemate from both sides as Dak Prescott has stayed strong with his desire to be paid top dollar.

The Cowboys have pushed back with a desire to secure him under a five-year contract, while Prescott wants a four-year deal to allow him to re-up for another extension sooner. These are details that can eventually be worked out on both sides, but the clock is ticking ever closer to the deadline.

It will come down to the Cowboys having to meet Prescott closer to his demands on what he wants on his next contract. The 26-year-old holds the upper hand in the contract talks that could only see the price tag go up higher the longer the situation strays out with other imminent deals for Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson out there. Time will show how much Jerry Jones truly values their star quarterback.