Jamal Adams Should Be Priority No.1 for Jerry Jones

Over the last few months, there has continued to be lingering issues with Jamal Adams’ contract situation for the New York Jets. There doesn’t appear to be any significant headway being made toward a new deal to keep the Pro Bowl safety with the franchise beyond his rookie deal. That has created a great deal of frustration from Adams that has him open to other opportunities. That alone may open the door to the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones jumping back in the mix as a potential landing spot to acquire the star safety that could help take them to the next level to compete for a Super Bowl.

Jamal Adams on shaky ground with Jets

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It has been well known over the last several months that star safety Jamal Adams has eyed a new lucrative long-term extension from the Jets.

Adam has quickly emerged as one of the top defensive backs in the league over his first three years as he’s coming off back-to-back Pro Bowl selections along with a First-Team All-Pro nod and a Second-Team All-Pro nomination. Adams has firmly established himself as an elite talent, which has made his push for a new contract that much more significant.

The 24-year-old is set to enter the fourth year of his rookie deal that already has the $9.8 million fifth-year option picked up. Jamal Adams has a firm with his desire to get paid, which the Jets have been quite hesitant to work out with him. It has reached the point where he has voiced on multiple occasions that he has hinted on wanting to be traded.

He went that route once again as he took to Instagram to air out his frustrations, yet again, he stated, “maybe it’s time to move on.” That may be another strong signal to Jerry Jones to trade for him.

Jerry Jones should move fast to acquire Jamal Adams

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Jamal Adams’ increasing frustration with his situation in New York should send a clear shot to the Cowboys to make a strong push to acquire him.

Dallas reportedly talked to the Jets before the trade deadline to land Adams last season, but the price tag proved to be high. Given that things still haven’t changed in the situation, the Cowboys could be in a spot not only to trade for Adams but also to give him the contract he’s looking to land.

It would first require some moving around financially to free up more salary-cap space, but Adams is a game-changing talent that could bring another huge x-factor to their defense. The Cowboys need help in their secondary, which was evident by their long pursuit of Earl Thomas, which never came to fruition.

Jamal Adams more than fits the bill of what they are looking for, which makes the time to strike the iron that much more pressing.

Jamal Adams can be long-term piece to Cowboys defense

Beyond the need to add more stability to their secondary, Jamal Adams could be a game-changing factor that helps the Cowboys make that push to Super Bowl that Jerry Jones desperately desires.

Adams could step in to make a similar impact to what Pro Bowler Minkah Fitzpatrick made with the Pittsburgh Steelers last season. The Cowboys have the talent to make a serious bid at a run toward the Super Bowl.

Yes, the team still needs to hammer out the extension talks with Dak Prescott, but it would be foolish on their behalf not to make a strong bid to land superstar safety Jamal Adams in his prime that can be a long-term piece of their future.