Jerry Rice Still Refuses to Label Tom Brady as the GOAT Over Joe Montana

Since stepping away from the game, Jerry Rice holds much prestige and recognition in the NFL community. Rice’s perspective of the game is held in high regard, given his legendary career. With all that in mind, the Hall of Fame wideout still refuses to place Tom Brady over Joe Montana as the greatest NFL quarterback.

Tom Brady pushes Buccaneers to NFC title game

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Entering the 2020 season, there was plenty of hype around Tom Brady joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Things started a bit rocky due to the newly formed situation, but Brady guided the franchise back to the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. The 43-year-old accomplished that behind a stellar 21st season finishing third with 4,633 passing yards, tied for second with 40 touchdown passes, and a 102.2 passer rating.

Brady now has the Buccaneers a step away from competing in the Super Bowl after reaching the NFC championship game. All that has ignited the GOAT conversation around him, which has led to Jerry Rice to chime in yet again on the discussion.

Jerry Rice still refuses to place Tom Brady over Joe Montana as the GOAT

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Over the years, Hall of Famer Jerry Rice has remained quite outspoken concerning today’s NFL.

Rice strung together a legendary career that saw him experience much Super Bowl success with one of the greatest players in league history in Joe Montana. With Tom Brady continuing to add to his legacy with another deep playoff run, the GOAT quarterback conversation has sparked up again.

In a recent interview on 95.7 The Game, Rice voiced that he still refuses to place Brady over Montana as the greatest NFL quarterback. (H/T

“It’s a whole different era, and I would go with Montana any day because he was Joe Cool, and he was in an era where he was not as protected,” Rice explained. “I’m going to go with Joe Montana because, like I said, it was a different era.”

Rice’s stance isn’t shortchanging Brady’s career and accomplishments but firmly believes the newer rules have greatly benefitted offensive players. Montana and Rice played in an era where the parameters were much different, which is why it will be hard for the Hall of Fame wideout to put any quarterback over his former longtime teammate.

The 58-year-old certainly holds a biased stance concerning the matter as it involves someone that helped significantly shape his legendary career. Nonetheless, Rice’s point of view only puts more fuel to the fire on the GOAT conversation.

Tom Brady’s NFL career remains an open book

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Jerry Rice may continue to hold the view that Joe Montana is the greatest NFL quarterback, but Tom Brady’s career remains an open book.

The 43-year-old is adding to his illustrious legacy in his 21st campaign by leading the Buccaneers to a deep playoff run. In his first year in Tampa Bay, Brady has the franchise a win away from reaching the Super Bowl for the first time in well over a decade.

He already holds the all-time mark with six Super Bowl wins, which a seventh would create even greater separation from the rest of his colleagues. Hall of Famer Charles Haley is the only other player in league history to have five Super Bowl victories to their resume.

The Buccaneers star quarterback also has no desire to step away from the game at least through the 2021 season, which opens an opportunity to compete for another Super Bowl. All of this will only further cement his status in NFL history.