Jimmy Garoppolo’s Taste in Fast Food Is Offensively Bad

Jimmy Garoppolo has had a wild ride as the San Francisco 49ers‘ starter. The NFL player who once backed up Tom Brady in New England was touted as the quarterback of the future when he moved to the Bay Area in 2017.

However, last year, he missed most of the season with an injury, led the 49ers to a loss in the Super Bowl, and struggled before going down with yet another injury. His season wasn’t good. But Jimmy Garoppolo’s recent woes on the gridiron pale in comparison to the catastrophe on his palate.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s wild ride

Jimmy Garoppolo (left) of the San Francisco 49ers is tackled by Alton Robinson of the Seattle Seahawks in the second quarter at CenturyLink Field on November 1, 2020, in Seattle, Washington.
Jimmy Garoppolo (left) gets tackled by Alton Robinson of the Seattle Seahawks | Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Coming out of East Illinois, Jimmy Garoppolo was seen as the eventual heir apparent to Tom Brady as the Patriots’ quarterback approached his 40s, according to Pro Football Reference. But as Brady’s ageless performance kept the team in contention, the young QB had to watch most of the games from the sidelines. 

After years of talk about his true potential, the Patriots surprised everyone by trading Garoppolo to the 49ers for a second-round pick. Soon he went from a benchwarmer to the starting quarterback of a promising young team. Garoppolo carried the 49ers to 5-0 after taking over the team the final month of the season. Observers’ expectations soared.

However, Garoppolo soon dashed those expectations by going 1-2 the following season before sustaining an injury in the third game. Still, the team signed him to a massive $137.5 million extension. Then, in 2019, Garoppolo showed the hype might’ve been worth it. He led the 49ers to a 13-3 record and a Super Bowl appearance, though the team lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Fresh off that performance, Garoppolo wanted to prove that although he warmed the bench for two Super Bowl victories in New England, he could win it himself. But after a 3-3 start, injury cut his season short, and questions about his future remain.

Even more questionable, though, is his taste in fast food. 

Garoppolo grabs a bite 


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Because he moved from New England to California, you might expect Garoppolo’s favorite fast food to fall somewhere between Wahlburgers and In-n-Out. But pressed about his favorite fast food in an interview with FanGirl Sports, he offered a surprising answer. 

“McDonald’s,” Garoppolo replied. “I know that’s probably not a crowd favorite over here.”

Yes, the man who plays in the state that birthed the region’s greatest burger chain prefers the world’s largest fast-food slinger. Asked about his go-to order at Mickey D’s, he said he likes to keep it simple. 

“Their fries are phenomenal. I love their fries. Probably chicken nuggets. A little ten-piece. Some barbecue sauce.”

The 49er also has a favorite java joint. He prefers Starbucks over the Coffee Bean and has a soft spot for Philz Coffee, a small chain specializing in a local feel and ambiance.

Regardless, the quarterback might soon get a chance to find a new place to eat fries and sip coffee. 

Will the QB soon have to eat elsewhere? 

With a massive contract that’s still near the beginning of its life and a lot of questions about his future, Garoppolo might soon need to find a new McDonald’s to call home. Fresh off the disappointing 2020 season, rumors about Garoppolo’s future, or lack thereof, with the team he led to the Super Bowl just one year ago. 

Luckily for him, wherever he may god, his favorite fast food place will likely be just a short drive from his house. Regardless of what happens, at least Garoppolo can get his favorite fries.