Jimmy Johnson Doesn’t Think Dak Prescott Can Lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl Without a Lot of Help: ‘He Needs An Outstanding Defense and Great Players Around Him to Win’

The Dallas Cowboys are moving toward securing a playoff berth behind winning the NFC East. However, star quarterback Dak Prescott has struggled to find consistency in recent weeks. It’s led Hall of Fame head coach Jimmy Johnson to deliver a firm stance regarding Prescott.

Dak Prescott moving through heavily-scrtunized 2021 season

Months after signing a franchise-record $160 million deal, Prescott entered the 2021 campaign with a high level of scrutiny.

The 28-year-old answered the bell, leading the Cowboys a comfortable command over the NFC East division. However, his performance has dipped in recent weeks, leading to more questions concerning his ability to lead Dallas behind his production.

As the Cowboys enter the season’s final month, Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson delivered some strong stance concerning Prescott.

Jimmy Johnson doesn’t think Dak Prescott can lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl without a lot of help: ‘He needs an outstanding defense and great players around him to win’

Over the years, Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson has kept a close eye on the Cowboys due to his everlasting affiliation.

He’s routinely aired his genuine assessment of Prescott’s ability in relation to guiding the franchise to sustained success. During a recent interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Johnson voiced again that he believes Prescott needs a substantial assortment of talent around him to lead the Cowboys to Super Bowl contention.

‘I think Dak Prescott’s No. 1 attribute is he is a great leader,” Johnson said. “A great leader for that team. You can say that for a lot of quarterbacks. No. 1, any quarterback has to have great players around him. To win a championship, any player has to have good players around him, but there are certain quarterbacks that can win more with less.

“Aaron Rodgers needs a few good players, but he doesn’t need a whole team of good players. Trent Dilfer wasn’t as talented as Dak Prescott, but he won a Super Bowl because he had an unbelievable defense. I think everything is relative there. I think Dak Prescott is an outstanding quarterback, but I do believe he needs an outstanding defense and great players around him to win. Right now he needs that running game going so he can take advantage of play-action passes and get the ball to those great receivers.”

Johnson isn’t doubting Prescott’s skill but pointing out that he’s isn’t the caliber of quarterback that Rodgers is that can reach that level of success without a strong collection of talent around him. Dallas has filled the roster with a plethora of talent on both sides of the ball, enough to push the team to a deep playoff run.

However, the pressure is on Prescott to be the game-changing factor that elevates the Cowboys toward Super Bowl contention.

Cowboys need Dak Prescott to lead the charge


Jerry Jones Painfully Admitting Dak Prescott Is Slumping Is Concerning News for the Cowboys’ Super Bowl Odds

The Cowboys have cooled off from their hot start but are moving comfortably toward an NFC East division title.

Prescott has struggled to find consistency in the last four games, throwing for fewer than 250 passing yards three times and committing five interceptions. Dallas needs the Pro Bowler to be the game-changing factor he showcased he can be earlier in the season.

They have a favorable remaining regular-season schedule holding matchups against the New York Giants, Washington Football Team, Arizona Cardinals, and Philadelphia Eagles. Dallas remains within earshot to capture the top overall NFC playoff seed, but they need plenty to work in their favor.

Ultimately, the Cowboys will venture as far as Prescott takes them.

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