Jimmy Johnson Brutally Rips Jerry Jones for Setting His Dallas Cowboys Up for Failure

The pairing of Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones with the Dallas Cowboys led to tremendous success. The situation didn’t run its course as it was short-lived due to building internal friction. Their relationship has improved over the years, but it hasn’t stopped Johnson from taking another shot at his former boss.

Jerry Jones’ rocky relationship with Jimmy Johnson

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The checkered history between Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson is well documented in the two-plus decades following the latter’s departure from Dallas.

The two have repeatedly displayed their inability to coincide over the years through their public barbs. Johnson spent just five seasons as the head coach for the Cowboys, including three playoff appearances and back-to-back Super Bowl wins in his final two seasons with the franchise.

Jones and Johnson’s struggles to work together led them to agree to mutually part ways in March 1994. The decision came not long after Jones voiced that he wanted more say in player personnel decisions. The team owner already possessed the title of general manager, but Johnson had the final say in football matters and didn’t want to give away his control.

Things took a rocky turn in December 1993, after Johnson voiced interest in becoming the head coach of the newly created Jacksonville Jaguars. That was followed by Jones publicly stating that he controlled the head coach’s future in Dallas. The situation nosed dived after Jones told the media any coach could have guided the franchise to a Super Bowl.

Jones has since voiced in 2016 that he should have had more tolerance with Johnson. However, that hasn’t stopped the latter from publicly bashing his former boss.

Jimmy Johnson rips Jerry Jones and the Cowboys

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The relationship between Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson has improved over the years, but there remain lingering disagreements.

During a recent interview with Mackenzie Salmon of USA Today Sports, Johnson took a shot at Jones and the Cowboys after being asked whether the team should finally hire a general manager.

“I don’t know that bringing in someone new will change things. It’s really a unique place to coach and work. There are so many accolades that go their way…unearned,” Johnson first replied.

Johnson expanded on his initial response by stating that the media recognition of the team jades players’ mentality upon joining the franchise.

“A lot of their players walk around like they have Super Bowl rings on because that’s the way in the public and throughout the country they are treated. They’re treated like, hey, you just won the Super Bowl, but in reality, they didn’t even make the playoffs.”

Johnson voiced that mentality can change if the head coach sets the standard. He didn’t dive into whether or not Mike McCarthy can accomplish that in Dallas, but it does set the bar of expectations ahead.

Where do things go from here?

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Since Jimmy Johnson departed from the Cowboys, he hasn’t been shy to voice his opinion on the state of the franchise.

It isn’t the first time and won’t be the last instance that Jones will hear criticism toward his family remaining in control of player personnel decisions. Many hold the firm belief that it has contributed significantly to the franchise’s shortcomings in contending for a Super Bowl over the last two decades.

Jones will likely respond through the media at some point, but Johnson’s latest comments don’t change much in their relationship.