Jimmy Johnson Gave Dak Prescott a Backhanded Compliment That Cowboys Fans Can’t Ignore

Despite the lingering doubt, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys finally worked out a new deal with Dak Prescott. The Cowboys are moving ahead with Prescott as their franchise cornerstone to guide them forward. Not all are convinced, as Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson just delivered a surprising backhanded compliment to the star quarterback.

Dak Prescott agrees to record-breaking deal with Cowboys

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The Cowboys entered this offseason with plenty of questions concerning Dak Prescott’s future.

Since Super Bowl 55, there hadn’t been much chatter that would suggest a contract would get done. However, Jerry Jones finally bit the financial bullet by agreeing to a four-year, $160 million deal with Prescott.

The contract includes $126 million guaranteed, a no-trade clause, and a no-franchise tag clause if he hits free agency. Prescott also set the league record with a $66 million signing bonus and will make $75 million in the contract’s first year.

Since reports broke about the deal, there have been plenty of reactions with varying takes on the situation. None have been more eye-opening than Jimmy Johnson’s remarks about Prescott.

Jimmy Johnson gave Dak Prescott a backhanded compliment that Cowboys fans can’t ignore

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Following the Cowboys’ decision to agree to a historic contract with Dak Prescott, there has been no shortage of feedback regarding the situation.

Among those giving strong input is Hall of Fame head coach Jimmy Johnson. During an interview on FS1’s The Herd With Colin Cowherd, he doesn’t believe Prescott is the type of quarterback that can carry the franchise to a Super Bowl.

“I think he’s a great leader for the team. I think the team really rallies around him,” Johnson said. “So he is a positive influence there. Before the injury, he could make plays with his legs, he could run the football, and he fits into their system. But he has had problems, at times, being inaccurate, but with that receiving core, he gets people open.

“But I like Dak, and I’m kind of like you, I think he can win you a championship if he has great players around him. I don’t think Dak can carry a football team if he doesn’t have great players around him.”

Johnson’s comments toward Prescott give light to both sides of the situation as it’s a move that does keep the 27-year-old in Dallas. However, there remains doubt that he can be the leading factor toward guiding the franchise to the Super Bowl.

Ultimately, it’s now on Prescott’s shoulders to prove on the field that he’s worth every penny of his deal behind his play and team’s success.

Cowboys hold many critical decisions ahead

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The decision to agree to a massive deal with Dak Prescott puts substantial pressure on the franchise to build around him.

It will start with the draft, as it’s been the area that they have experienced decent success over the years. The franchise has found many of its cornerstone players through that realm, which will need to continue to be the case.

Their biggest issue at the moment lies with their defense, as the Cowboys have taken a significant step back in that aspect over the last few years. With Prescott leading the charge offensively with plenty of Pro Bowl talent around him, it’s on the other side of the ball that may decide their fate in 2020 and beyond.