JJ Redick’s Pregame Routine Is Borderline Crazy

Most basketball fans weren’t familiar with JJ Redick until he became the star of Duke’s always impressive basketball team. While fans weren’t familiar with him until that point, hardcore basketball enthusiasts, especially those located in Reddick’s home state of Virginia knew that he was destined for greatness.

In 2002, the young player not only qualified for the McDonald’s All-American team, but he was also the winner of Virginia’s 2002 Mr. Basketball Award. Since then, Redick has continued to amaze fans.

JJ Redick’s time in Duke’s basketball program

Duke has a history of not only recruiting some of the best high school basketball players but also using the program to hone them into the type of athlete NBA teams clamor for. The program is so good it’s not easy for a single player to really stand out, yet Redick managed it.

It didn’t take long for everyone to notice that Redick was one of the best players on the team. His skill and coach-ability were so good he not only set several single-season records but was important enough to the program that Duke officially retired Redick’s jersey in 2007, an honor the college only bestows on truly amazing athletes.

Solid NBA career

Redick entered the 2006 NBA draft where he was the 11th player drafted and the first choice of the Orlando Magic. Unlike some NBA stars who manage to spend the bulk of their career with the same team, Redick has made the rounds.

He lasted for seven seasons with the Magic before going on to play for the Bucks, Clippers, and 76ers. He is currently in the middle of a two-year contract with the New Orleans Pelicans, who he seems happy with.

His NBA career has pretty much mirrored his time at Duke. He remains an outstanding source of three-point shots and sinks most of his free throws. One of the interesting things about Redick is that he didn’t enter the NBA with the idea that he was going to be the next big star. When a reporter from the Charlotte Observer asked about his future in the NBA, he said he didn’t expect to be anything special. 

“I think I’ll be a role player like 80 percent of the players in the league are. I don’t expect to be a star, I’ll just shoot, be a team player,” Redick replied.

Redick has proven himself to be a very consistent ball player. During the short 2019-2020 season, he played in fifty-four games, attempted 6.4 three-point shots (average) per game, sinking approximately 2.9 of those valuable shots. He averaged two assists in each game. 

JJ Redick’s pre-game routine

Redick seems like a smart, average guy who also happens to be a talented athlete, but when you look at his pre-game routine things shift a little. His pre-game routine makes him seem… well, a bit crazy.

The most interesting thing about Redick’s pre-game routine is how obsessed he is about planning ahead. There is nothing that happens in the hours leading up to the game that he hasn’t planned out.

He knows when and how long he’s going to nap, exactly what he’s going to eat, and setting a timer before he gets into the hot tub on game days. He eats the same meal at exactly the same time each game day.

Redick has an identical post team practice workout that he insists on completing. He has also trained himself to fall asleep in just five minutes when it’s time for his nap. He knows that his routine seems obsessive and a little crazy, but since it works for him, he doesn’t plan on changing anything.

Redick doesn’t use the off-season to kick back and chill. He’s just as dedicated to his routine as he is when the season is in full swing. One example of how he pushes himself during the off-season is his commitment to making sure that he sinks exactly 342 shots each Sunday, which is his most intense workout day.

Redick’s commitment to constantly improve his game shows how he’s managed to remain in the league for so long. Even if his methods seem a little crazy to an outsider, it’s hard to argue with the results.