Joe Buck Quit Twitter, Then Returned Solely So That He Could Troll Angry Fans

For as long as he has been at Fox, Joe Buck has always had the proverbial target on his back.

The advent of social media made it easy for angry viewers to share their frustrations. Any given NFL game that Buck and Troy Aikman are calling is sure to have both of their names trending on Twitter.

Things once got so bad on Twitter that Buck chose to delete the app. Later, he returned, but not because he missed scrolling through the timeline out of boredom.

Joe Buck deleted Twitter because of Red Sox and Phillies fans

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The cities of Boston and Philadelphia are known for their, shall we say, passionate sports fans.

Those cities played a role in Joe Buck deleting Twitter from his phone. Buck explained his decision to take a break from the social network during a June 2015 appearance on the SI Media Podcast.

The tipping point, Buck said, came while calling a game between the Red Sox and Phillies on Fox.

“I started reading the comments and finding myself almost reacting to it, and curtailing what I was saying or an opinion as I was going through the game. And I was like what am I doing? This is a dead-end. This is moronic. So I was like, you know what? It felt like when I dropped an Astronomy class in college when I was failing it, I’m just gonna delete this from my phone.”

Much like seemingly everyone else who takes a Twitter break, Buck eventually returned. But, his days of taking heat from angry fans without responding were over.

Buck returned later that year so he could troll Royals fans

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In October 2015, Joe Buck joined Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci in calling the American League Championship Series for Fox.

On the field, Yordano Ventura and the Kansas City Royals defeated David Price and the Toronto Blue Jays in six games. Above the field and in the broadcasting booth, Buck let himself have some fun.

Royals fans spent the ALCS tweeting angrily at Buck or about him. One fan even started a petition to have Buck removed from the broadcast.

“Joe @Buck” should not be calling this series,” tweeted one fan. “We all know he’s a classic STL supporter and Royals hater.”

Buck, who spent many years as the St. Louis Cardinals’ play-by-play announcer, responded in jest.

“Yes. Exactly. Go Cards! Oh wait…. Go Blues !!!! Go Ram….. Oh forget it”

Veteran reporter Andrew Marchand, then at ESPN, jokingly tweeted that Buck purposely avoids mentioning the Royals’ team name. Buck confirmed Marchand’s report.

“It’s my dislike of the British,” Buck tweeted.

Royals fans may have gotten the last laugh. Kansas City eventually won the World Series that year and Buck called the final out.

Joe Buck isn’t as active on Twitter anymore

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Those hoping to get into a trolling war with Joe Buck on Twitter may be out of luck.

Outside of promoting his podcast, Daddy Issues with Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson, Buck doesn’t tweet much from his verified account anymore. Buck has also limited the tweets that he “likes” to those involving his podcast.

Of course, Buck may have a burner account that no one has uncovered just yet. For his sake, he’d be wise to avoid outing himself the way that golfer Patrick Reed recently did.

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