Joe Buck Starts 2021 as the Best Sports Announcer in the U.S., Do You Agree?

When talking about legendary sportscasters, Howard Cosell announcing for ABC’s Wide World of Sports comes to mind. These days, Joe Buck of FOX Sports typically tops the list of leading broadcasters.

With an impressive resume and long-standing career, Buck is considered one of the best sports announcers in the business. He has worked side-by-side with iconic sports figures while keeping audiences engaged with his play-by-play analysis.

Not everyone is a fan of Buck, who has never played a day of professional sports. Riding on the heels of his long-time broadcasting father, the Emmy award-winning announcer has a vast amount of haters. Many fans question him being named the best sports announcer in the country. What do you think?

Joe Buck’s impressive resume 

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Moving into 2021, after a tumultuous year in the world of sports, USA Today took a subjective look at the best announcers in the industry. They created the first-ever Sports Announcer Power Rankings. It is a noble attempt to compare the strengths and attributes of today’s on-air talent.

Topping the list at number one is Joe Buck, the lead voice of the NFL and MLB for FOX Sports. He was originally paired in 2002 with Cris Collinsworth and is now partnered with football great, Troy Aikman.

The infamous duo rate just behind Pat Summerall and John Madden as the longest-running broadcasting team in the NFL. Buck is supported on Thursday Night Football by reporters Erin Andrews and Kristina Pink and analyst Mike Pereira. He has called six Super Bowl games, the most recent being last year in Miami.

The seven-time Emmy Award winner has been the FOX play-by-play analyst for MLB since 1996 and has called 23 World Series. He has announced 25 MLB League Championship Series and is the voice of the MLB All-Star Games. In 2015, Buck also took on the role of announcer for the U.S. Open in golf.

The long-time broadcaster recently found out that he will be joining his legendary father, Jack Buck, in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Other top-ranking sports announcers

Buck isn’t the only one receiving industry-wide praise. USA Today named Kirk Herbstreit as the second-best announcer in the country. He is the voice of college football for ESPN, with a large fan base and loyal following. The color commentator from Ohio State is best known for his participation in the weekly College GameDay program on ESPN.

Earning a third place on the USA Today list is CBS sports announcer Tony Romo. The beloved former Dallas Cowboys quarterback will be calling Super Bowl LV from Tampa alongside co-host Jim Nantz, who earned the number five spot on USA Today’s list.

Al Michaels ranked number four among the best announcers in the country. Currently, 76 years old, he started his career as a radio announcer for the Cincinnati Reds more than five decades ago. Now with NBC Sports, Michaels has been involved in broadcasting ever since.

Why fans don’t like Joe Buck 

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Despite his impressive resume, fans have a love-hate relationship with Buck. Calling games since the age of 25, Buck has encountered many naysayers that feel he is biased against their team. Others have expressed that he doesn’t show enough emotion and is just plain boring to watch.

Not taking himself too seriously, the number one announcer takes it all in stride. He does his best to stay neutral and make the game fun for viewers to watch.

He earned the top spot on the list of best sports announcers, with USA Today saying, “Buck is the best, and we’re fortunate to be living in a time when his voice is the one calling so many major moments for us, the fans.”