Joe Burrow Wants to Be More Like Tom Brady With His First NFL Paycheck

Following months of anticipation, former LSU standout quarterback Joe Burrow has officially been taken with the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft. That has put him in the spot of moving forward with his new team in hopes of bringing the franchise back to relevancy in the league. Along with that comes a significant payday with his rookie contract that will sign in the coming weeks. Before he has even garnered his first paycheck from the Bengals, Burrow already has a plan in place for what he will do with that money that appears to put him in the same mind frame as Tom Brady.

Joe Burrow’s rookie deal with Bengals

Now that the draft is completed, Burrow is moving ahead with his new team to begin his NFL career.

One of the first steps of the process will be working out his rookie contract with the franchise this offseason. Although that is something that needs to be negotiated, there is a scale depending on where players are selected.

Burrow will garner the highest-paid contract, given that he was the first overall pick. According to Andrew Brandt of Vayner Sports, the 23-year-old will sign a fully guaranteed four-year, $36.2 million deal with $23.9 million of it coming the way of a signing bonus.

With the league instituting a rookie pay scale for first contracts, it has cut down the massive financial commitment teams take with their draft picks. Nonetheless, Burrow has a hefty payday coming his way soon, and he already has plans for what he wants to do with his first paycheck.

Joe Burrow’s plans for his first NFL paycheck

The move to the NFL is not only a significant change for the incoming class of rookies on the field but also in their bank accounts.

That will immediately put a massive first paycheck for many of the players taken in this year’s draft class. It’s something that Burrow has already long laid a plan out for his first purchase with NFL money as he told TMZ back in February that he will get a personal chef.

“I’m a healthy eater, so whatever he or she can make that tastes good and keeps me shredded.”

It’s quite a particular purchase that demonstrates that he knows the necessary commitment that he needs to his health and body. That’s something that many of the game’s best players such as Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees have taken a greater emphasis on including in their life.

Burrow is heading into a tough situation with a franchise that is on the rebuild and will need him to be as physically prepared as possible for the upcoming season. His dedication to his health will be a crucial part of all that.

Joe Burrow’s NFL future

Beyond just his health, Burrow has a tremendous responsibility ahead of him in Cincinnati as the franchise is banking on him becoming their next cornerstone piece under center.

The 23-year-old is coming off an incredible 2019 season with LSU, where he broke numerous records along the way. There will be obstacles to overcome in his rookie campaign ranging from his adjustment to playing in the NFL to being in a tough AFC North division.

If the Bengals hope to provide Burrow with the opportunity to succeed, the franchise will need to put the necessary pieces around him. They already have some intriguing skilled-position players in wide receivers A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd, and rookie Tee Higgins along with running back Joe Mixon. Another crucial aspect will be putting forth a steady group upfront on the offensive line to give him ample protection.

The Bengals now have their potential franchise quarterback in place; it’s now on his shoulders to prove he can fill those shoes.