NFL: What is Joe Flacco’s Future With the Denver Broncos?

Joe Flacco was always considered to be a stop-gap quarterback for the Denver Broncos. With Drew Lock presumed to be the quarterback of the future, Flacco was never believed to be the long-term option as the quarterback going forward. After Lock’s broken thumb, however, Flacco appeared to be the team’s best option at quarterback. A herniated disc in his neck, however, may have shortened Flacco’s tenure as the Broncos’ quarterback moving forward. 

Because of that, football fans are wondering what will come next for the 34-year-old quarterback. 

Joe Flacco and the Broncos 

Flacco had a rough go as the Broncos’ starting quarterback. In eight starts, he only had a single game where he threw for more than one touchdown, and as a result, the Broncos were a 2-6 team. Flacco threw only a single touchdown between the teams’ two victories over the Los Angeles Chargers and the Tennessee Titans.

Flacco’s tenure in Denver has been largely unspectacular. He wasn’t necessarily throwing duds left and right, but the Broncos’ offense looked stagnant, and their passing game was largely non-existent from week-to-week. Even in his best seasons, the M.O. on Flacco has been that he has flashes of greatness in big moments, but can also be an unreliable quarterback for vast stretches of time. 

Flacco’s never been the best at watching what he says, and his tendency to call out teammates and deflect blame did not go unnoticed. After his neck injury, however, he could find himself out of the starting job even if he’s able to come back in five weeks. 

Brandon Allen gets his chance in Denver

Brandon Allen may have been drafted in the 2016 draft, but it wasn’t until week 9 this season that he got to see a football field. Riding the bench for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Los Angeles Rams his first three seasons, Allen had been waiting patiently for his opportunity, and that came against the Cleveland Browns. 

Allen didn’t break records, but he threw a pair of touchdowns without any interceptions and breathed some life into an offense that was previously on life support already. With one-half of the season left, the  Broncos aren’t likely to bounce back into the playoffs, but they might be able to use Allen in a way that helps them get ready for Lock next year and help secure him a spot as either their back up, or another team’s option in the future. 

What the Broncos might do with Joe Flacco going forward? 

Broncos fans might have several more years of Joe Flacco in their future.
Joe Flacco. | Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Broncos have a lot of decisions to make regarding their future. Joe Flacco may have made sense in some regard, but his time on the field has been something of a disaster. The team has lacked identity under Flacco, and if Allen can give the team a little bit of hope entering the Drew Lock era, he may be the answer that the Broncos need.

Unlike some of the other aging quarterbacks in the league, Flacco has rarely had a superstar pedigree. If he cannot offer what the Broncos need, even if he’s doing so as a stop-gap option, the Broncos need to be willing to cut their losses and find a temporary fix. Allen may be just that. His career is still young, but he has already done more in one game than Flacco could do in eight. 

With a general manager like John Elway calling the shots for the Broncos, the team is well aware of how valuable the right quarterback is for a roster. Despite being a Super Bowl winner, Flacco has always had question marks surrounding his game, too. By keeping him in the starting spot despite a 2-6 record, however, the Broncos might be giving Lock the most valuable thing he needs right now — time.