Joe Horn Blasts LeBron James For Criticizing Drew Brees

It has been a firestorm for New Orleans Saints star quarterback Drew Brees as his comments concerning kneeling during the national anthem have put in a tough spot. Brees’ lack of connection and awareness of the entire situation made the center of criticism regarding his comments that has seen many NFL players and other professional athletes alike blast him for his stance. However, former Saints wide receiver Joe Horn has stepped forward to offer support to his former teammate and fire back at the chatter directed at Brees.

Drew Brees deals with backlash following kneeling comments

Drew Brees found himself as the center of strong backlash after his comments made during a recent interview with Yahoo Finance stating that he would never agree with someone that kneels during the national anthem.

Brees voiced that he believes that standing during the national anthem would provide unity and a step toward the solution while only looking through the lenses of his grandfathers fighting in World War II. It didn’t take long for Brees to come under fire for his comments as many NFL players past and present such as Ed Reed, teammates Malcolm Jenkins and Michael, Darius Slay, and that extended far beyond football.

It saw Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James jump into the mix with his strong criticism toward the Saints quarterback.

LeBron James fires strong criticism toward Drew Brees

Among those coming out the strongest against Drew Brees was LeBron James as it didn’t take long for him to respond to the comments.

James has often utilized his social media platforms for social issues, and that was no different as aired out what many believe that Brees missed in his comments. There is a lack of understanding from the Saints quarterback that kneeling during the national anthem had nothing to do with the flag and everything to do with bringing attention to the social injustice that minorities, in particular African-Americans, deal with daily.

James did go out of his way to acknowledge the service that many do in the military. Still, the focus lies directly on the misconception and misunderstanding that Brees has with the entire matter.

Joe Horn’s pushes back at Drew Brees Criticism


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The reaction from Drew Brees’ comments didn’t entirely stray toward the negative side as his former teammate Joe Horn voiced his support.

Horn told Jeff Duncan of the Athletic that he believes people shouldn’t be taking shots at Brees by labeling him a racist.

“People should not be throwing Drew Brees under the bus, and they definitely need to pump the brakes on labeling him a racist,” Horn said. “I know Drew Brees. Drew has done a lot to help black families and the black community in New Orleans. If Drew Brees didn’t love black families and low-income families he wouldn’t have helped the way he has over the years. People that are criticizing him like LeBron James and other celebrities don’t know him. They need to check his resume. I love my race. And I love New Orleans to death. But I know Drew Brees. And Drew is a good person. And until you have walked beside him and gotten to know him, his wife and family, you definitely have to give him a pass on this one and allow Drew a chance to think about what he said and come back and make this right. And I know he will.”

Horn’s comments look to have missed the point as nobody is stating that Brees is a racist, but rather that he has the ignorance and lack of awareness of what the entire message is for the action of kneeling. There is a significant problem in the United States that lies with the broken justice system that treats minorities, especially the black community, unfairly in many regards.

Brees may have done all that work in the community over the years, but he still lacks a complete understanding of the matter. That is what is creating an uproar. It’s never been about the flag; it’s been about moving forward with significant change to help put an end to the social injustice in this country.