Joe Montana Reveals Why Tom Brady Can Play as Long as He Wants

Tom Brady continues to add to his illustrious NFL career with a strong start to his first campaign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady has helped guide the Buccaneers toward a promising season that could lead to Super Bowl contention. With that in mind, Joe Montana recently laid out why he believes the future Hall of Famer can extend his career as long as he wants.

Tom Brady excelling in his first season with the Buccaneers

The first couple of weeks of the 2020 season, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers moved through a bumpy path.

Things have begun to round into form over the last several games, with Tampa Bay sitting atop the NFC South with a 6-2 record. Brady has led the charge behind an MVP-caliber start as he’s fourth with 2,189 passing yards, tied for third with 20 touchdown passes, and holds a 103.1 passer rating.

The 43-year-old’s production has quickly silenced any chatter concerning his long-term NFL future. However, Hall of Famer Joe Montana recently voiced some interesting comments on the subject.

Why Joe Montana believes Tom Brady dictates his NFL future

Tom Brady’s impressive start to his 21st season has quieted down chatter around his long-term NFL future.

Hall of Famer Joe Montana has touched upon the matter a few times over the last few months. Montana aired some intriguing comments earlier this week as he stated that Brady could play as long as he wants to, as it will all come down to a singular mental factor. (H/T Pop Culture)

“I don’t think his career is over,” Montana said. “He will play for as long as he can and as long as he’s not getting hurt, why not? When you decide to hang it up, there’s no going back to it. There’s no going to have a pickup game in the front yard. Those things don’t happen.

“The excitement of the game, when it’s over, it’s over. It’s not very fun the first couple of years, I won’t lie. I would imagine Tom plays for as long as he can until he satisfied that he’s had enough on the field.”

Brady may be the all-time leader in NFL history for quarterbacks in Super Bowl wins, but there doesn’t appear to be any drop off in the dedication to his craft. What may be driving him forward is the chance to prove he can win away from the Patriots.

Until the 43-year-old loses that passion and motivation for the game, he will extend his first-ballot Hall of Fame career as long as he wants.

Buccaneers could vie for the Super Bowl


The Buccaneers Just Sent a Scary Message About Tom Brady’s Importance to Super Bowl Run

Beyond Tom Brady’s personal drive for his craft, the Buccaneers’ success through the first half of the season is more than enough to guide him forward.

Brady has continued to look more comfortable in leading Tampa Bay’s explosive offense. There has been progressive improvement across the board that begins with Brady’s production.

The Buccaneers have now added another potential promising element to the mix with star wide receiver Antonio Brown. Before his year-long absence, Brown firmly established himself as one of the game’s best players. If he’s anything near that caliber of player, it will provide Tampa Bay with the possible separating factor as the clear-cut Super Bowl favorites in the NFC.

Much of the 2020 season is left to play ahead, but it’s growing increasingly difficult to ignore the juggernaut the Buccaneers are becoming.