Joe Rogan Convinced Brendan Schaub to Retire From the UFC to Save His Life

Joe Rogan is one of the few people who is the face and voice of an entire sport. While he may not have the best ideas or give the best advice all the time, when it comes to the UFC, he’s usually spot on. That’s exactly what happened with his friend, Brendan Schaub, who used to fight in the UFC.

A look at Brendan Schaub’s UFC career

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Schaub was actually a football player before he joined the UFC. That said, he never actually got drafted into the NFL. After a short stint in professional arena football, he retired and took up mixed martial arts. He showed some promise and he ended up competing in the UFC’s reality show, The Ultimate Fighter.

He was drafted onto Kimbo Slice’s team during that season of The Ultimate Fighter, and while Slice’s UFC career went nowhere, Schaub beat all his opponents and made it into the finals. Schaub fought Roy Nelson in the finale and, unfortunately for him, he got knocked out in the first round.

Despite this loss, his UFC career started off strong after he got four wins in a row, including a knockout over MMA legend, Mirko ‘Cro Cop’. But then, he suffered two brutal knockouts in the first round.

After those two losses, Schaub made a rebound with two wins in a row, but then, he followed those up with two more losses in a row, with his last loss coming by knockout. It was at this point in his career that he had a chat with Rogan about his future in the UFC. 

What Joe Rogan said to Brendan Schaub

Rogan invited Schaub onto his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Schaub wasn’t expecting anything different than what they usually talk about, according to MMAJunkie. But Rogan actually wanted to have an intervention into Schaub’s UFC career, which was, at this point, not looking too hot.

He had a 10-5 record at this point, and he had lost four of those fights by knockout. The interview was an awkward one, where Rogan wondered why Schaub was fighting in the UFC when he can make good money being a comedian or podcast host. In fact, as MMAJunkie said, Schaub even admits that he makes as much money hosting his own podcast, The Fighter and the Kid, as he makes in the UFC.

Rogan was also concerned about Schaub’s health, too. He told Schaub, “The brain you can’t fix. You can break your hand, they can put pins in it, put it in a cast…and eventually it’ll get better. Your brain doesn’t get better. And that’s what I worry about with you more than anything,” according to MMAFighting.

Schaub admits, according to MMAJunkie, that he probably has brain trauma after fighting in the UFC and playing football for so long. After this intervention though, Schaub retired from the UFC at the age of 32 and is now a podcast host, a comedian, and a TV host.

Why this was a good call

Rogan has been concerned about brain damage for a long time, and it’s why he stopped fighting. This intervention by Rogan probably helped save Schaub’s brain from more damage, too. 

Brain damage isn’t uncommon in combat sports, and it’s also not uncommon in football. Fighters have died in the ring after suffering too much brain trauma, and others live out the rest of their lives with severe issues. 

Muhammad Ali is probably the best example of this. While he was one of the greatest boxers alive when he was young, the brain damage that he suffered was too much for him in the end. It’s too early to tell if Schaub will develop these issues later in his life, but if he didn’t retire when he did, he definitely would’ve.