Joey Logano Loves NASCAR So Much His Wife Did Their Child’s Gender Reveal on the Track

Despite being just 30 years old, Joey Logano has been winning big in the NASCAR circuit for over a decade. The young prodigy is a favorite among fans and casual observers alike. Since the start of his racing career, Logano has had a supporter in wife Brittany Logano. Having fun with together, the couple decided to do a special gender reveal for their first pregnancy. 

Joey Logano meets the love of his life

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Logano met Brittany when they were still teenagers at a Charlotte ice skating rink. At the time, Logano was not yet a racecar driver, but a Zamboni rider instead. Seeing Brittany at the concession stand, however, Logano fell in love. Brittany was ready for life with a sports star. Her sister even had an impressive athletic career of her own. 

As Logano began racing, Brittany was by his side cheering on her longtime boyfriend. After several years of dating, Logano popped the question to Brittany. The now-married couple remains in the spotlight but knows how to keep things private when they need to. Logano spoke about his love for her in an interview after the engagement. 

“I’m not going to do any better,” Logano said per The Washington Times. “I knew that. She’s a great girl. I’ve been dating her for a long time, and she’s really actually my first kiss and the first girl I ever went out with, so that’s kind of cool to have that relationship for a long time and figured I’d go for it.”

The Logano’s build a family

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The couple got married on December 13, 2014. According to Brittany, the wedding date, 12/13/14, was picked so nobody would forget it. They got married in North Carolina, where the pair met and still had family members. Afterward, they became a popular NASCAR couple.

Early on in their marriage, the couple worried that they wouldn’t have any kids after Brittany was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Brittany spoke about their trials and how they helped shape the young couple’s relationship. 

“Even if it’s not going to happen the way that we want it to, I’m fine adopting,” Brittany said per NBC Sports. “[Joey] is fine adopting because there are so many kids without homes … If I had one regret, I wish I would have shared it when I was in the pit. I want to let people know they’re not alone. One awesome things about pain and struggle is it’s an equalizer. Everybody goes through it.”

Luckily, the couple’s wishes were granted. They announced Brittany’s pregnancy in 2018. When it came time for the gender reveal, however, the couple got creative. 

Joey Logano’s gender reveal

Rather than announce the child’s sex at birth, reports, the couple had a little fun with fans and loved ones. To reveal the assigned gender of the couple’s eldest child, Logano took to his car and let the exhaust fumes reveal whether it was a boy or a girl. It was blue. The internet went crazy for the stunt.

Their son, Hudson, was born in January of 2018. They had a second kid, Jameson, in May 2020, reports Yahoo Sports. The Logano family had a long journey to get where they are today. However, with all those pitfalls, they found a way to have the kids they yearned for and have fun in the process. Now, we will have to see what happens if there’s a third child in the future.