John Calipari Disguises Identity, Calls Radio Show to Defend Coaching

University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari, the veritable face of the one-and-done NCAA model, is not a guy who takes kindly to criticism. Mike Francesa, New York radio host and practiced stirrer of the pot, had just concluded a live-on-the-air interview with the coach when he described how Calipari’s strengths were in recruiting and not necessarily the X’s and O’s. Minutes later, “John in Kentucky” called in to Francesa’s show to correct the host.

John in Kentucky, of course, was John Calipari (and you’ll want to watch the above video, since Calipari’s attempt at disguising his voice defies description), who thinks that the Wildcats’ basketball coach is a great coach. Go figure. Calipari’s beef, apparently, is that Francesa wasn’t down to talk about the ins and outs of the UK offense during their actual interview. What follows are two guys loudly talking but not quite shouting over each other until Francesa lays it on the line.

“Are there better X’s and O’s guys than you?” Francesa asks. Calipari, indignant, answers his question by saying that he’d pass a lie detector test when he answered no. Francesa remains unconvinced and cuts Calipari off, although it’s unclear if the coach had already hung up before being disconnected.