John Elway Holds Surprising Belief About Patrick Mahomes’ Contract

It has been a few weeks since Patrick Mahomes secured a record-breaking extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. There have been many positive reactions to his historic deal that reshapes the entire market for NFL contracts. Much of the feedback has come in the tone that Mahomes has garnered a well-deserved contract that will keep him in Kansas City for many years. However, Hall of Famer John Elway has expressed an intriguing viewpoint about the entire situation.

Patrick Mahomes’ record-breaking deal

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Since the Chiefs captured their first Super Bowl win in five decades, the franchise’s attention has centered on Patrick Mahomes‘ next deal.

The 24-year-old had put in the leg work to earn an extension with Kansas City that would reset the entire market for contracts well beyond quarterbacks. All that came to fruition earlier this month as he agreed to a 10-year deal worth up to $503 million. That tags on after the final two years of his rookie deal, which keeps him with the Chiefs for the next decade-plus.

He has put forth a remarkable start to his NFL career as he has taken off to tremendous success in his first two years as a starter. That saw him guide the franchise to back-to-back AFC West titles with a pair of AFC Championship game appearances, and their first Super Bowl win in half a century. He also became the youngest player to garner both a regular-season MVP award and the Super Bowl MVP.

It’s a deal that has garnered much rave reaction from his peers and those around the league with the consensus feeling that he’s worth every penny. Meanwhile, another all-time great quarterback has taken a different approach to his viewpoint on the contract.

John Elway believes Patrick Mahomes was underpaid

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There haven’t been any negative comments about Patrick Mahomes’ new deal as he has secured his long-term future with the Chiefs.

However, Denver Broncos general manager John Elway holds a slightly different view on the matter. Elway pointed out that it’s a well-deserved contract for Mahomes, but believes he was underpaid, according to John Dixon of Arrowhead Pride.

“I’m happy with the fact that he got that contract — and as an AFC West opponent, I wish he’d have got more. I think they underpaid him.”

It’s quite hard to believe that Mahomes was underpaid with a contract worth up to half a million dollars, but the argument could be made. He’s the guiding light of the franchise that is only entering the prime of his career at age 24. He has plenty of great football ahead of him that could see him continue to stack on tremendous success that can include several more Super Bowls.

Mahomes is a generational talent that can command a deal at any figure that the Chiefs would have bent to give him. With that said, it’s fair to believe that he could restructure his contract in the years ahead to get more as the market value for the annual salary rises, and he moves away from being the top-paid quarterback in the league.

More huge paydays to come

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The initial reaction to Patrick Mahomes’ deal is quite warranted as he inked a deal that has reset the entire market.

However, there should be the thought that this isn’t the last time he negotiates his contractual status with the franchise. Things can drastically change over the next several years as the league continues to rake in more revenue. That alone should push the value of the contracts throughout the league even higher.

Mahomes has voiced he will continue to operate in the team’s best interest, but it won’t be a shocker to see him try to get garner much money. Ultimately, it’s all on his shoulders to prove with his play that he’s not only worth the substantial financial commitment, but that he can earn more down the line.