Jorge Masvidal’s Crazy Bar Story Involves Him Beating Up 3 People

Over the last several months, Jorge Masvidal has become one of the biggest attractions in the UFC. Masvidal has built strong momentum around him that has put him in the limelight in the business. However, it hasn’t always been a straight path toward stardom as he has had many different roads. That all once led him to a rough situation where he had to knock out three people in a club one day.

Jorge Masvidal’s MMA path

Before Jorge Masvidal became a fixture with the UFC, he had worked his way to the forefront in the street fighting scene.

That was topped by him catching much fame on Youtube for beating up Kimbo Slice’s trainee Ray. It didn’t take long after that for him to move his way into the MMA world. He worked his way up through BodogFight promotion then to Bellator.

Masvidal gained prominence in Strikeforce as one of the top lightweight fighters. After the company dissolved in 2013, he joined UFC that has seen him have varying success. He has had his bumps along the way holding a 12-6 record since transitioning over to the company.

He has since picked up the pace of winning his last three straight fights that have put him in line for a title bout on Saturday at UFC 251. His journey to UFC glory has had no shortage of intriguing stories.

Jorge Masvidal beat up three people in a bar

Jorge Masvidal’s path has seen him rise from the ranks from being a combat street fighter to make a name for himself.

That skillset came in handy one night at a club in a crazy bar story that has been passed along about him. Former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen once talked about an anecdote that he heard from Michael Bisping about Masvidal once knocking out three guys. (H/T South China Morning Post)

“Now if you ever hear a story [of a guy knocking three people out at a bar], you’ve met a liar. Except if that guy is Jorge Masvidal,” said Sonnen on his YouTube channel. Jorge is at a club wearing a gold chain necklace … and these two guys that he doesn’t know go up to him – and one of the guys flicks the necklace.”

“Jorge doesn’t know how to interpret that but thinks these guys are gonna rob him. So Jorge knocks out the guy who touched the necklace, then turns with a hook and knocks out the other guy.He decides he’s gotta lay low while the scene is unfolding so he ducks into the bathroom. When he goes … a guy comes in right behind him … so Jorge knocks that guy out.”

To top that all off, Masvidal had knocked out the last guy in the bathroom because he didn’t want to take any risks despite not knowing if he was involved with the incident. There is no fear from him using his fists to take care of business.

Jorge Masvidal’s next line of action against Kamaru Usman


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Following a rough last few weeks with the UFC negotiations, Jorge Masvidal is finally in UFC 251 in the main event fight.

Albeit as a replacement for Gilbert Burns, Masvidal gets his chance at taking his career to the next level with a title fight against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. It will be a move up from 155 to 170 for him, but it’s a chance to topple the heavily-favorite Usman.

Masvidal has been quite confident in his ability in the octagon, especially with his last couple of fights with impressive wins over Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz. All of that should make for a compelling fight on Saturday night in Fight Island’s first event.