JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Adorable French Bulldog Has Nearly 275K Instagram Followers

JuJu Smith-Schuster is about to have a big year. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver is stepping up to fill in the gap left by the troubled Antonio Brown. By most accounts, despite having a different approach to the game, he’s the right man for the job.

But we’re not here to share too much about Smith-Schuster’s gridiron feats. We’re here to talk about Boujee, Smith-Schuster’s adorable French Bulldog, who has amassed an enormous Instagram following thanks to his goofy antics.

JuJu Smith-Schuster: the dog dad

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Happy Father’s Day ?❤️ @juju

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Smith-Schuster is uniquely plugged into social media, even by the standards of his tech-savvy generation of players. He regularly appears on Twitch, talking to fans and streaming video games live. So perhaps it isn’t so surprising that, when a little furry friend came into his life, the pup got his own Instagram page.

Said page, two years in, has over 225,000 followers. He’s a regular presence across Smith-Schuster’s personal YouTube channel, as well as his professional Twitter feed. As natural as the rapport between this man and his dog seems, though, it’s something of a miracle it came to be.

As a child, he had a horrible experience with a particularly mean Chihuahua. Smith-Schuster instantly developed a fear of dogs that he carried into adulthood. When he found himself living alone in Pittsburgh, he decided to change this. The WR found new companionship from the very animal he feared, and the rest is history. Very cute and cuddly history.

Boujee the French bulldog’s best moments

Boujee is incredibly photogenic, and has a great on-camera presence. You can’t go wrong with most of the content he appears in. But he’s at his best with a partner, such as Smith-Schuster celebrating the pup’s birthday above.

The happy bulldog has another recurring partner — his girlfriend. Smith-Schuster made friends with a local dog lover with her own Frenchie, named Portia. Boujee’s Instagram feed is packed with adorable moments starring the happy couple.

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Bae, put your tongue back in your mouth ??

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Boujee also makes time to help his owner work out the kinks in the offseason. When Smith-Schuster trains, Boujee’s Instagram followers are inevitably treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the pair’s process. The stout pup’s athleticism can be a problem, at times, such as when he made his escape from an indoor pen.

Many happy Bulldog parents in sports


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Smith-Schuster isn’t the only athlete bewitched by a Frenchie. There are many other athletes who also found space in their lives for one of these adorable, stout little dogs. Gymnast Simone Biles even runs her own Instagram page for her pair of French Bulldogs, just like Boujee’s.

Another Olympic hero, swimmer Michael Phelps, has his own pair of bulldogs as well. He regularly posts clips of him swimming with the pair, named Juno and Legend. He even leveraged his furry friends into an endorsement deal for the three with a dog food company.

These dogs are members of each of these athletes’ families, and former Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price’s relationship with his Frenchie Astro really drives that point home. The two were regularly seen in public as he bounced from city to city. On social media, fans regularly asked Price for Astro updates. When Astro sadly passed away in 2019, Price appeared with a paw print on his cap, in tribute.

Price is moving from Boston to LA to join the Dodgers. When baseball returns, hopefully, a new furry friend will come along for the ride with him. There isn’t a type of companionship quite like a friendly dog, and Frenchies are among the friendliest. Just take a look at what Boujee’s been up to lately if you want proof.