Julio Cesar Chavez Fires Verbal Jab at Canelo Alvarez: ‘Not Going to Be Better Than Me’

Canelo Alvarez elevated his status to worldwide recognition as one of the best pound-for-pound boxers. He’s dominated the ring through much of his career with relative ease. With all that in mind, Hall of Famer Julio Cesar Chavez fired off a verbal shot at the middleweight champion.

Canelo Alvarez’s rise to boxing stardom

Since stepping into the squared circle for his first professional fight at age 15, Canelo Alvarez experienced a meteoric rise.

He dominated the ring, disposing of his opponents primarily with ease. Alvarez worked his way into the limelight, earning recognition as one of the best young fighters.

His quick ascension earned him a bout against Floyd Mayweather at age 22. Although he didn’t step up at that moment because of his youth, Alvarez has only further matured as a fighter since the loss.

He hasn’t skipped a beat, holding a 13-0-1 record, with his lone draw against Gennady Golovkin. Alvarez has put forth convincing performances against Amir Khan, James Kirkland, Rocky Fielding, and Callum Smith.

The 30-year-old has won titles in four different weight classes ranging from light middleweight to light heavyweight. Despite Alvarez’s dominance, one Hall of Famer still believes he will never top what he accomplished.

Julio Cesar Chavez Fires Verbal Shot at Canelo Alvarez: ‘Not Going to Be Better Than Me’

Through the first 15 years of his boxing career, Alvarez has firmly established himself as one of the best fighters.

His continued dominance puts him in the conversation among the greatest boxers. However, Hall of Famer Julio Cesar Chavez still firmly believes that Alvarez will never become a better fighter than him. (h/t Yahoo Sports)

“Canelo is a great fighter who has earned what he has,” Chavez Sr. said. “He’s is definitely not going to be better than me because he already lost a fight and I reached 90 undefeated.”

Chavez’s belief centers mainly on his record, as he won his first 89 fights, but there are other factors at play. He didn’t always fight the top-tier opponent. He had his fair share of favorable matchups against lesser qualified fighters.

At the same time, those matches come with the territory due to fighting as frequently as Chavez did. He also has a fair share of quality wins, such as topping Hector “Macho” Camacho and Meldrick Taylor.

Chavez may feel that way about his ability in the ring, but Alvarez’s career remains an open book with plenty ahead to add to his resume.

Bright future still lies ahead


Canelo Alvarez Is Suing His Promoter and Broadcaster for Not Letting Him Fight

Unlike Chavez, Alvarez still has the opportunity to add to his legacy in the ring.

The 30-year-old is in the prime of his career, with potentially many highly effective years ahead. Alvarez hasn’t shied away from opponents, taking on some of the sports’ top fighters.

He has a tough challenge on Saturday against Billy Saunders, who holds a 30-0 record. The matchup against Alvarez marks the biggest test of his boxing career.

Meanwhile, it’s an opportunity for the Jalisco native to rack up another impressive victory. Alvarez has accomplished it all in the ring and holds full autonomy with whatever direction he wants to head next.

He has already voiced that he’s open to a third fight against Gennady Golovkin if the scenario presents itself.

“The truth is, I’m open for anything,” Alvarez said on Thursday via ESPN.

Ultimately, time will tell what he has lined up next as he adds to his impressive career.