Kawhi Leonard Asks the Question Every NBA Players Wants to Know

It has been a rough situation across the globe dealing with the spread of the coronavirus. Through the process, the NBA has worked their way back toward getting the 2019-20 season on track to begin this week. However, that hasn’t dissipated all the concerns that remain from the players regarding the virus. It has seen LA Clippers star forward Kawhi Leonard voice a question that many NBA players want to know the answer.

NBA keeping things on track

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When the NBA decided to shut down the rest of the 2019-20 season was suspended in early March, it raised questions about whether things would resume.

The league continued to stay on the hopeful path with the matter, keeping the door open to a return to play. There were lulls where things didn’t appear to head in that direction, but the NBA worked out a 22-team format in bubble setting that made a return possible. It’s a process that has come with some missteps along the way, but there is a structured health protocol.

There have been some issues with a couple of players making questionable decisions, but it hasn’t strayed away from the mostly-encouraging situation. That saw none of the 364 tests that players took from July 13 to July 19 all come back negative. Those positive steps forward haven’t quieted all the concerns.

Kawhi Leonard’s concern over long-term health

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The NBA may have a system in place that has so far worked without much of a hitch, but there remain concerns over the coronavirus.

A second wave has hit the United States that has led to more issues and lingering problems. With that in mind, Clippers star forward Kawhi Leonard has questions about the long-term effects that the virus can have on anybody who has had it, according to Andrew Grief of the LA Times.

“Yeah, that’s discussed,” Clippers star Kawhi Leonard said. “If you do get it, will it affect you to be able to play again? Everyone knows it hits everybody’s body different. But I don’t know. I’m not a doctor. I can’t really say what’s going to happen to players.”

There is still much that is unknown about the virus as reported instances have occurred where a person has gotten it a second time. It’s a fluid situation where the NBA and other industries are operating with what the medical professionals suggest. The world is dealing with an illness that has many things yet known to fully handle it.

What is known is that doctors that have studied athletes’ hearts, lungs and respiratory system voiced that the players’ age and high level of fitness would allow them to experience milder symptoms. That could turn to much lower odds of the virus impacting them to become seriously ill. That said, there is still much that needs to be learned about the illness.

Only time will tell

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It’s an ever-evolving situation where there is still much uncovering of how the virus works and how to treat it properly.

The illness is something that has never occurred before globally and has impacted many lives. At this point, there are health protocols and treatments that help move those that contracted the virus past it. The NBA has a strict set of rules and measures in place to help prevent the spread of it anybody tests positive.

There will continue to be more studies and testing done to move to the point where a vaccine can be discovered to get it all under control.