Kenny Stills Had to Sell This Gorgeous $2.8 Million Florida Home When He Moved to Houston

Kenny Stills had a good life in Miami when the Dolphins traded him to Houston before the start of the 2019 season. Now making his name with the Texans, the 28-year-old receiver has a lot to look forward to. By leaving Miami, Stills had to adjust to life with new teammates and coaches. However, his most significant change might’ve come when he left the mansion he called home while playing in Florida. 

Kenny Stills’ NFL career

Stills got his start in New Orleans, where he split his time coming off the bench and starting. Those years made him one of the NFL’s shining young stars at running back. While he still had some polish to add to his game, his speed with the ball made him deadly when he was at the top of his game. However, after a trade to Miami, Stills had to prove himself yet again. 

Stills spent his first season on and off the bench in Miami before getting a full-time starter. There, he was one of the Dolphins’ go-to options on offense For three years, he started every game, running the ball into the end-zone 21 times en-route to rushing yards 2,566 yards. However, the Dolphins’ success fluctuated at the time and a move to a stable organization like Houston, where he was traded in 2019

During his first season with the Texans, Stills split time between the bench and the starting unit. During the time he got, however, he made the most of it, rushing for 561 yards and four touchdowns in 13 games, five of them starts. Now in a new home, however, Stills says goodbye to his old one in more ways than one. 

Stills’ finances

Stills started out with relatively low pay when compared to his NFL colleagues, details Spotrac. Still, by 2017, he finally got paid handsomely for his services. Stills made $9 million that year, with the pay diminishing slightly every ensuing year.

While he might not be one of the best running backs, he’s a reliable option. On top of that, Stills is willing to come off the bench and put in the time that way, too. He lived in a player-friendly market in Florida where his NFL pay scored him an enviable mansion. Now halfway across the U.S., Stills is trying to sell his prized abode, and the asking price is steep. 

For sale 


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In the months following his trade to Houston, Stills put his Fort Lauderdale mansion up for sale, reports Fox Business. The house, listed at $2.8 million, includes four bedrooms, an equal number of bathrooms, and sprawls across 4,317 square feet of beachside land with enviable views from several rooms as well as a patio just feet away from the waterfront. 

The mansion’s exterior boasts Roman-style pillars as well as a woodcraft porch. It is sure to bring the luxury one expects from a waterside haven for a deep-pocketed Floridian. Stills is getting used to Houston. Still of what happens with his new team, his move from Miami had at least one casualty: his beloved house in Miami.