Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley Developed a Close Relationship During Their Childhood

Many athletes have developed close relationships with others through sports. Whether they formed a bond during their childhood or in their professional careers, sports bring people together.

Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley have been close friends’ way before they reached the NBA. Their relationship continues to remain strong to this day.

Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley before the NBA

Before these two players became NBA players, they starred on the high school and college level. Durant is older than Beasley by a few months, so the two weren’t in college at the same time. They did attend the same high school for a few years and played AAU together. Durant and Beasley were two of the top high school players in the country, and they had NBA talent written all over them.

Durant was a year ahead of Beasley in high school. Still, the two attended National Christian Academy in Maryland when they were freshmen and attended Oak Hill Academy in Virginia when they were juniors. During their senior year, they attended different high schools. When they both got to college, they excelled and made a name for themselves. Durant went to Texas, and Beasley went to Kansas State.

Looking at both of their college careers, you could not have drawn it up any better. During their freshman season, they were named Big 12 Player of the Year and were first-team All-Americans. They both need just one season in college to show how dominant they were on the court—going into their respected NBA drafts, and they were considered to be top picks.

A look at Durant’s and Beasley’s their NBA careers

Durant was the second pick in the 2007 draft, and Beasley was the second pick in the 2008 draft. What a coincidence, right? Now both young men have fulfilled their dreams of making it to the NBA, and it was time to go to work. Both players went on to have successful rookie seasons, and Durant has evolved into one of the best players in the league. Beasley last played in the NBA during the 2018-19 season with the Los Angeles Lakers. In 2019 he played overseas in China.

When Durant entered the NBA, there was a lot of hype surrounding him, and he lived up to it. He was named the Rookie of the Year for the 2007-08 season and displayed how well of a scorer he was. Throughout his career, Durant used his height to become an elite scorer. At 6-foot-10, it’s hard for defenders to contest a shot from Durant. He can shoot from long-range or mid-range, and he can drive to the lane whenever he wants. Durant has the complete package for an NBA player, and that’s why the two-time NBA champion is one of the best.

Beasley got off to a good start when he entered the league. He was named to the All-Rookie First Team. Throughout his career, he bounced around between different teams and never developed into a star player like Durant. But he was a good role player on the teams he played for. Though he’s not in the NBA right now, he still has the potential to return one day.

How Durant and Beasley met each other

Durant and Beasley grew up around the same area. The two first met when they were 11 years old. They met through basketball, and they would become close friends. When you grow up playing sports at a young age, you might meet a teammate, and you all become close friends. That’s what happened with Durant and Beasley.

At a young age, the two knew they wanted to pursue a career and basketball. They were going put in the hard work and push each other to become top players. Basketball brought these two players together, and they went from kids playing together to professional athletes living out their dreams.