Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Blast Steve Kerr and Bob Myers For Handling of Warriors’ Infamous Blowup Against the Clippers: ‘They F—– It Up’

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green wasted little time bringing the drama during their 1-on-1 interview on Green’s “Chips” show. They also blamed Golden State Warriors management, notably head coach Steve Kerr and general manager Bob Myers, for the organization’s handling of the infamous blowup Draymond and KD had in a game against the Los Angeles Clippers in November 2018.

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green went at each other in a game against the Clippers in 2018

The spat between Durant and Green during a Warriors-Clippers showdown on November 12, 2018 set the tone for an incredibly tumultuous season and prompted all sorts of speculation regarding Durant’s future in Golden State.

The Warriors and Clippers were tied at 106-apiece when then-Clippers guard Lou Williams hoisted a long jumper that clanged off the rim. Green corraled the rebound, with Durant clapping at him and ferociously demanding the ball. Green ignored KD’s plea for the rock, dribbling all the way down the floor and losing the ball, sending the game into overtime.

Crazy scenes ensued. Green and Durant barked at one another on the bench. DeMarcus Cousins had to pull Draymond away, with Green appearing to mouth something along the lines of “[Durant] is a b—-.”

The moment became a seminal one. Questions about Durant’s place in the Warriors locker room followed him everywhere he went. So, too did skepticism about his impending free agency. Durant stopped speaking to the media for weeks on end.

Despite the early-season drama, the Dubs still managed to roll to the NBA Finals. But Durant’s Achilles injury loomed large as the Toronto Raptors defeated the Warriors in six games.

Durant ultimately signed with the Brooklyn Nets, which again resulted in some referring to the infamous Clippers meltdown as a signal that he was always destined to leave the organization.

However, both Green and Durant feel the situation could have been rectified if not for certain missteps by Kerr and Myers.

The two stars blamed Steve Kerr and Bob Myers for mishandling the situation

Green asked Durant head-on if the incident in the Clippers game was the central reason for his decision to leave the Warriors the following offseason. The Nets star acknowledged the tension of the moment but quickly shifted the blame to Warriors management.

Durant said head coach Steve Kerr tried to “act like it didn’t happen” and added general manager Bob Myers believed merely disciplining Green made for a proper resolution. He also alluded to the Last Dance documentary and said the Dubs needed to air out their grievances much as the 1994 Chicago Bulls did when Scottie Pippen refused to take the floor in the final moments of a playoff game.

Green’s own anecdote of the aftermath is even more telling. The outspoken Warriors forward said management demanded that he apologize. Green responded by telling team personnel he would take to Durant but only on his terms.

According to Green, the Warriors still wanted him to make a specific apology before threatening him with a suspension. The former Defensive Player of the Year bombed on management.

They f—– it up.

Draymond Green, “Chips” Interview

Green’s assertion is especially telling because he is still with the Warriors. It’s even more fascinating that he openly admitted to laughing in Myers’ face, though perhaps not surprising.

Both stars tend to speak freely and say what’s on their mind. As the Clippers incident showed, they are not afraid to ruffle feathers or even go at each other. Thus, for them to essentially have the same attitude concerning the fallout from the incident might come as a bit of a surprise to basketball fans.

The general narrative about the Green-Durant relationship is that there is a certain tension between the two. But as this interview and recent proceedings have indicated, that could not be further from the truth.

Durant and Green get along quite well

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green celebrate Team USA's victory in the gold medal game
Kevin Durant and Draymond Green appear to have a strong relationship, contrary to past narratives | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Anyone who followed Team USA during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics understands that Kevin Durant and Draymond Green actually appear to have a strong relationship.

Instagram junkies probably saw the two go live together on multiple occasions. The former Warriors stars also shared a good synergy on the floor in leading Team USA to the gold medal.

The mutual respect was evident in the interview, as well. Green lauded Durant’s talents and commitment to the game of basketball. Meanwhile, Durant said everyone on those Warriors teams appreciated Green’s no-nonsense leadership style and his drive to win.

It’s fair to wonder whether Warriors fans might feel a sense of “What might have been” after watching the interview. If only Steve Kerr and Bob Myers didn’t try to dance around the conflict.

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