Kevin Durant Knew He’d Leave the Thunder Before the Season Even Started

In the time that has followed Kevin Durant‘s departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder, much made about his decision. It has been a situation that has been dissected in many different ways, with Durant having to explain on several occasions on what led to him deciding to depart from the franchise that drafted him. His decision has received much criticism over the years, which has directed him further, shutting away how he feels about the entire matter. However, Durant may have finally truly addressed what pushed him to leave the Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors.

Fallout to Kevin’s Durant leaving the Thunder

Since Durant decided to leave the Thunder, he caught much flak for the choice to join the Warriors.

It has created much criticism around his career as he joined a team that many believed were already the NBA title favorite before his arrival. There have been many critiques about how he handled it with Oklahoma City that left them in the dark in many regards. That alone has been a significant part of the criticism tossed his way.

Throughout the last few years, Durant has discussed the matter on numerous occasions, which has explained why he chose to leave Thunder for the Warriors in free agency. However, he may have finally just revealed why he genuinely made the move.

Why Kevin Durant left the Thunder

There has been much said about Durant’s departure from Oklahoma City in many different ways over the last few years.

The two-time NBA Finals MVP may have just revealed why he departed from the Thunder. During a recent interview on the All The Smoke Podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, he stated that he didn’t feel that he didn’t have many skilled players alongside him. (H/T Gary Peterson of the Mercury News)

The Warriors were so intriguing because with OKC I didn’t play with a lot of skill guys. So after a while, my game started to grow. I was like, I need a change. This was before the season started. I was like, I’m going to play out my last season as hard as I can. I’m not telling anybody I want to leave or packing it in. I’m trying to win as much as we can to end this out right.

In many ways, it could be seen as a shot at many of his former Thunder teammates. Outside of Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka, there were not many other players that fit what Durant may be inferring to about that situation.

It just adds another layer to this situation that could lead to some more pushback towards the star forward. However, it’s clear it’s something that Durant is far removed from that matter.

Kevin Durant’s focus on the Nets

It’s been more than three years since Durant’s decision to leave the Thunder, but it will forever be a topic of discussion around him. There will always be those that look down upon the move, given that he joined the Warriors.

Durant made the most out of that situation with a pair of NBA titles in three trips to the NBA Finals. The 31-year-old is heading into a unique chapter of his career starting anew with the Brooklyn Nets, where he and Kyrie Irving are tasked with bringing the franchise their first NBA championship.

Durant has continued to make promising progress from his torn Achilles tendon that has him well on track to be on the floor for the 2020-21 season. Beyond that, it’s a chance for him to add to his illustrious NBA career.